Success, Failure, Massive Failure

May 22, 2010

Success: New entry table from an old 10$ record player. I added white spray paint, Anthropologie handles, and some new fabric. Super cute. I'm not sure about all the accessories and everything on the wall behind it. I'm sure I'll rearrange it all once I'm out of school for the summer. Perk to being a teacher!

Success: My student art work (2nd grade) turned out better than I thought! YAY!
Failure: Paxton's huge tail knocked over one of my pot plants :( Don't worry, I replanted it!

Massive Failure: I took this picture MYSELF! I saw this with my own two eyes! Total, MASSIVE failure people!


Katie's Journey said...

that last part is pretty funny! I am also loving the redone piece of furniture, you are so crafty!

Meghan said...

That transformation is incredible! I absolutely love it!

Cecilly said...

hilarious. i like the record redo, looks awesome.

Laura Salisbury said...

lol, that is the best thing ever. New mission is to find where this is. I figure since we are from the same area good chance I might stumble across it.

I wish I had your craftyness.

Megan said...

Love the new table! You are so crafty, you will have to help me. Love the "sotp" sign haha!

Taylor said...

Now that's funny. :)

Suzanne said...

Your entry table is fabulous. I love the Anthro handles. I'm refinishing something right now and need some just like that!


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