For the Kids I don't have

May 21, 2010

Do you ever buy stuff for kids...but you don't have them...and you're not pregnant...and you're not trying to get pregnant.

Well, normally I don't. Unless it is something I just CANNOT live without.
I have 4 things...that's it.
2 books
Fabric (let's hope I have a girl)

The story behind the fabric:

So, my mom sends me an email maybe 2 weeks ago with a picture of adorable fabric an interior designer friend is using to make nursery bedding. I instantly wanted the fabric, although I have no kids, and set out on a search for it. I mean, I had never seen fabric so cute. Mom said it was from JoAnn fabric but I looked in the store and online and couldn't find it. I had given up hope and was thinking that by the time I actually had a daughter I would have forgotten it BUT today my mom sent me an email with the pattern name and the designer (mom of the year!) Yes! I was so excited. And, Jonathan let me order some to keep in the closet "just in case".

I love the colors and since I took french for 5 years of my life I love the fact that the names printed on the fabric are french names. {Oh, and my maiden name -Dupuis- is french) I just couldn't pass it up!


Lyndsey said...

My mom has already made me a baby blanket and burp cloths in this EXACT fabric. It's too cute. Wishful thinking!

Laura Salisbury said...

I think the fabric is adorable. If you didn't buy some, then when the time comes you would have kicked yourself. :) Plus Im not only another Houstonian, I live at the front of Kingwood. lol

Mariel Torres said...

i LOVE the fabric, it is too cute.

Ashley said...

Do a post about the books and DVD-- now I'm curious!

Channa said...

Ok, I do that all the time!
Thank you so much for your comment. JR coaches football which is his main sport and his second sport is track. So right now we are in the middle of spring ball right now.
How about your husband?

jamie said...

oh that's Holly's fabric! I would love to see a picture of the finished bedding, so if your mom sends you one, pass it on! I had a few baby things too, and I have a box of girly things "just in case" so I think its completely normal :)

Katie's Journey said...

I love that fabric too! I know that I will one day too begin a collection of things for my future children!

Ali said...

Okay, please share the fabric info! I totally need a few yards for my 3 1/2 year old daughter! Beautiful fabric I want to buy some too!

~ Ali


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