Christmas Wrap Up

December 29, 2011

Here are a few of our Christmas traditions / activities.

We always make a ginger bread house

I always get a photo ornament for our family photo.  This is our fourth Christmas so it's our fourth ornament so it's really fun to look at how our family has changed over the years.

We also do a travel ornament from our vacation each year.  Well, I forgot to get one this year so I just bought another photo ornament to take it's place.  But, I ended up really liking it because it was G's first vaca!

I also had Georgia "make" an ornament.  I gave my mom the hand.  (Actually, I gave her 2 because she lost the first one...haha!)  I kept the foot.  I made a foot for me because making a hand print of a 7 month old is REALLY hard!

I made Georgia her first ornament although I do not plan on making her one every year.  I'll either be buying or making.  I'm open to both options...just depends on what I want that year.  This is what Georgia did with her ornament every chance she got.

She also has her own tree.  It's pink so all the ornaments are pink.  My mom bought her 4 ornaments this year so at this rate she'll need a bigger tree by next year.  She got 2 pink truffles, a pink star fish from Galveston, and a pink mini Christmas tree.  We will continue to collect pink ornaments for her.

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Paige said...

I love the idea of a picture ornmament through the years - so cute!


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