December 8, 2011

Whenever my child is mastering a new skill she wakes herself up to practice.  It's really annoying.  Right now it's walking/climbing/pulling up on everything in sight and I don't see walking in her near future so I'm not sure when this is going to end.

Yesterday she went down at 7:50 for the night and woke up at 8:50 and 9:50 to "practice".  Then she woke up at 6:30 (which is to early for her) crying because she was standing up in her crib but couldn't figure out how to let go so she could go back to sleep.

Then, her first nap of the day she woke up 20 minutes in and then 40 minutes in to "practice" some more and got mad again because she couldn't get down.

Last night she went down at 8:40 and woke up about 15 minutes in and we caught her right before she stood up and got her to go back to sleep with the butt pat.  Then she cried out at about 10:00 but put herself back to sleep.  She full on woke up at nearly 4.  Standing up in her crib and just yelling!  I told her, "Sorry, you're on your own with this one" and proceeded to turn my baby monitor off so I could get back to sleep.  (Yes, I am that parent!)  Then I had a thought, what if I put something she wants in her crib so she'll reach for it, sit back down, and then she'll fall back to sleep?!  So, I went back into her room, put a stuffed doll in her crib and left her still standing and yelling at me. 

It worked!  Within 5 minutes she was back asleep (I went and checked on her because I left the monitor off so J could sleep) for a total of about 10 minutes of crying.  Wow.  I'm pretty sure that was a record for her in shortest lived crying session. 

This morning she still woke up too early to begin her practice routing meaning the doll didn't work after all.  Ugh.

So, to all you parents out there with older children what do I do???  If I rescue her every time she'll never learn.  I don't mind letting her cry it out AT ALL.  Doesn't bother me one bit but does it work in the "pulling up" situation when she isn't even 7 months old yet (she will be on the 17th.)  I've been thinking about getting her a crib tent to prevent the next step, crawling out of her crib.  I started doing that at 7 months and my mom tied a sheet to the top of my crib so I couldn't get out and my nephew had to have a crib tent as well BUT will that prevent her from standing up to get her "practice" on?

Please HELP!

*update*  Her crib is at the second to lowest spot.  Hers has 4 settings.  Even if we lower it all the way down she puts her hands above the bumper pads then slowly moves her hands up until she can stand and then grabs the top rail.  So even in I use the lowest setting she can still stand up by holding onto the bars.


Nina said...

My daughter did that around 7.5 months....I ended up putting her in a pack and go to sleep. This way she couldn't stand up right away. Slowly throughout the days she would learn how to get back down and I've been able to slowly transition her back to the crib. Now she's trying to learn how to say mommy and is up saying it through out the night. I let her cry it out sometimes too. Our pack and go also has a tent on it if we want but the sides are too soft for her to try and crawl out. Have you lowered the crib to the lowest level?

Lydia said...

Our daughter is almost 1 and she would do this all the time! I wish I had some cure but we ended up just letting her cry it out. We did put it on the lowest level and take out the bumper {mostly because it would impede her standing and she would get even more mad}. She started pulling up at 7 months and it probably took a week or so before she would put herself back to sleep without major crying. It's so hard though because every child is SO different. Now, she doesn't stand in her crib- she just rocks back and forth crying! It's always something!

Mrs. B said...

My daughter did the same thing. I think it took about 4 or 5 days for her to quit, but they were MISERABLE. One thing that I found that seemed to help was putting her in her crib during play time, letting her pull up, and then showing her how to lower herself back down. We did it over and over for about 20 minutes and by the next day she had quit getting stuck. If anything, though, it seems like everyone I talked to at the time said it passes quickly (even though it seems like an eternity when your baby is screaming!) Good luck!

kelsey jo said...

My son did the same thing at the SAME age and I was with you...WHY SO EARLY?! I have good news for you though. I found that by letting him cry it out when he woke up standing up that he seemed to learn how to sit down on his own even quicker. The only problem we had was there were some head bumps in the learning process. However, since that took a week tops it wasn't so bad and he's been sleeping well and putting himself completely back to sleep since! :) I tried helping the transition by trying to show him how to plop down after standing up on something by holding onto his hand and helping him do it. I'm not sure if that helped the situation but it wouldn't hurt!


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