Virtual Magazine II

June 5, 2012

Here are my favorite parts of American Baby from the past 3 months!

To find out the amount of calories to eat per day to lose weight or maintain weight visit to get your number!

(I just did this and it's really cool!)

Did you know?
When scheduling a vaccine...aim for 1:30 pm or after.  Babies who are immunized at that time sleep an average of 69 minutes longer in the next 24 hours than they usually do.

This magazines also sites thyroid issues as one of the only true sources of breastfeeding failure.  Interesting...

Baby keys:
These stainless steel, non toxic, baby keys are adorable!  And, for a little extra you can get your baby's name engraved onto them!

UPF 50 leggings?

Yes, these are really cute but I can't decide if they are 100% needed.  What do you think?  They are designed to protect your child's legs from the sun which makes sense, especially at the beach, but would they stay on, be too hot, get in the way???

Up next:  Virtual Magazine home edition!

1 comment:

Natalie said...

I NEED those baby keys! Callyn always wants to chew on mine-gross!


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