Weekend Rewind

June 4, 2012

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News on the house:
Someone from Jonathan's school looked at our house the other day so we were able to get feedback from him which was awesome.  The things they didn't like are things that we cannot change which is good to know.  They thought the back yard was too small and they have 4 kids and we only have 4 bedrooms with no play area so it wouldn't work.  BUT, the wife took tons of pictures of the inside of our house because she liked how it was decorated so obviously it's showing well.  That's good to know.  All in all it's shown 3 times and had 4 interested families.  Say a prayer it will sell!

Georgia update:
Her IUD test came back negative so she is now off of antibiotics because she doesn't have a fever anymore.  They are not doing any further testing so all we know is that she had an infection but they didn't find where it was coming from.  That doesn't settle well with me but at this point there is nothing I can do about it.  

Played at the mall:
I took Georgia to the play place at the mall.  I was the only parent there who brought snacks and the kids were literally swarming me.  One child (about 18 months old) who's mom was sleeping at the time climbed on top of me trying to get a snack and when I ran off for one second to pick up Georgia I turned around to see the older brother (about 4) digging in my purse.  The mom woke up and laughed...um really???

History Channel:
We stayed up and watched the history channel mini series The Hatfields and McCoys.  It's pretty good.  We have one episode left.


Our neighborhood pool opened and we took Georgia for the first time.  She had a TON of fun!  We took our lunch up there and fed her at a patio table and she ate great while people watching.

A bit fussy:
I'm so glad we have the pool right now because if those molars don't come through soon I may just go crazy!  When she isn't distracted she isn't the happiest camper.  They are though getting closer and closer.  All four feel as if they are hardly covered with any skin at this point.

Slept a lot:
The pool means lots of sleep at our house.  Solid 3 hour naps are common here now and it's so nice.  I'm nervous I even typed that for fear they will vanish!  She just goes and goes so much in the water that she just passes out!

More pool:
When she got up from her long nap we went to the pool again after we had dinner.  She got even more brave this time and doesn't mind being dunked under the water, splashing, falling, or running in the water.  She just loves it!

Teething = horrible night:
It's good she's been taking such good naps because oh.my.gosh.  I cannot remember a worse night than Saturday night sleep wise.  She never even slept this bad as a newborn.  She went down at 7:30 like normal but then woke up at 8:30, 9:30, 11:45, 2:45-4:00 and then got up for the day at 8:30 this morning.  We tried everything last night and it wasn't even that she was hysterical she just was very unhappy and uncomfortable.  It was terrible.  Let's move on.


Taught Sunday school like normal.  Her dress has whales but you can't see it.  Precious!

Out to eat:
Went and had Italian with my SIL and niece.

Long nap:
Georgia got home and took an amazing nap which I had to wake her up from.  I don't ever let her sleep past 4 so that she will still go down at 7:30.  I normally don't have to wake her up and I hate doing it...but, I had too.  And, after her really rough night it was good that she took such a long nap.

Pool again:
Once she woke up we packed up our pool gear and dinner and headed to the pool.  Georgia ate enough to feed three babies and then swam until the pool closed.  She loves waving to all the new people and snacking and sliding down the water slide.  It's her current summer favorite.  We went to the pool 3 times in 2 days.  It's been awesome!

Odds and ends:

At some point during the weekend, this happened!

Finished her photo wall.  Newborn, 3, 6, 9, and 12 months.

Her horse!

A lefty?  And yes, she uses a fork...but, only with her left hand.

One of her favorite pass times.  Honestly, she cries when I take her out.


Anonymous said...

love the picture wall - such a cute idea!!

Kelli said...

I always have the same problem at that mall. (I think it's the same mall, anyway). Last time I went there some woman pushed her stroller into the play area, then stopped it right in front of the slide and took her time getting her kid (who, by the way, was WAY too big for a stroller or the playground)out. Madison does love it, though!

mariel said...

her photo wall looks so good!
i'm jealous of the cool slide at your pool! ours just has a little kiddie pool (thankfully) and a big kid slide. it does the trick though!
good luck with the house selling!

Bren said...

My son has the same swing! Looks like you all have an awesome pool. I am so jealous. My parents have a great pool but no slides. Looks like you had an awesome weekend.

Lyndsey said...

It's funny because I remember you posting some pictures of Jonathan going down the kiddie slide with Cooper a couple years ago. Crazy how time flies!

We watched the Hatfields and McCoys mini series last week too. We stayed up until nearly midnight one night which is practically unheard of over here!

Liam holds his utensils in his left hand too...but I'm a lefty so I love it!

That mom is weird....

MICHELE said...

1. We moved last year and it was SO stressful trying to keep the house in "show/magazine" perfect condition with a wild toddler and a new baby, I about lost my mind. You don't sound like you are there, but I will pray it sells quick, because no one likes living like that. Or maybe that is just me. HA

2. that photo collage is precious!! I may just be copying that concept somewhere around here!

Ashley @ embracing the everyday said...

Love the photo wall... that is sooo cute {and so is Georgia}! Looks like you had tons of fun at the pool {I wish we had a pool here that was that cool}! Hoping your house sells really soon! Also, I can't believe that mom at the mall. Craziness!

Melanie said...

I can't believe that mom LAUGHED when she saw her kid digging in your purse!!!! Looks like Georgia has been having a blast at the pool!


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