Citrus Lane - Sep/Oct

October 23, 2012

If you haven't heard of Citrus Lane subscription boxes go HERE and get your own!

I forgot to post about September's box and I just remembered when our October box came in the mail.

October's theme was fall

and here is what we got!

Munchkin 7oz click lock trainer cups (2 pack - $8.99)
"In My Den" ($8.99)
Oball ($4.99)
BabyGanics Smooth Moves ($5.49)
DHC Deep Cleansing Oil ($4.99)
Ella's Kitchen Pouch food ($2.49)

-also includes coupon codes-

LOVED that we got a TWO pack of sippy cups!

She was really into this ball and I was excited it was girl colors!  She kicked it all over the yard!

Book about a bear.  I went to Baylor...need I say more?  LOVE it!

Like the lotion and haven't tried the oil but am interested in trying it.

STOP sending us pouch food!  My child is nearly a year and a half!

September's theme was animals

and here is what we got!

I don't have a lot of details on this one because it was last month and I forgot about it.  The bib and bath sponge are awesome.  Georgia was initially confused by the book but now she giggles when we look at it.


Cecilly said...

I love Oballs, they're so cool. The book is perfect, sic 'em bears!!

Tami said...

We need a bib like that! Emerson is so messy I usually just strip her down to eat when we are at home!


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