November 27, 2012

Jonathan is an assistant principal at a high school and unfortunately his school's homecoming was the same weekend as Baylor's.  He had to go to all the games during the week and the school's dance on Saturday night so us being able to go to Waco was just out of the question.

Initially I was really bummed about the whole thing but I just decided to have fun with it and try to take part in Jonathan's school's homecoming.  Georgia had a blue smocked dress so it was perfect (although the cheerleaders were red...the opposing team's colors).

Before we left for the game.
We went and got Mexican food before.  (Not NEARLY as good as the Ninfa's in Waco but it will do.  And, I specify the Ninfa's in Waco because I've been to several other Ninfa's and they just don't compare to the Waco location.)

She had the best time.  We got to watch the band and dance team walk in and then got to sit where the band and dance mom's sit so that we would be close to Jonathan who was on the track.  Georgia got to play on the track too and ride around in the Gator.  Also, she got to watch the Homecoming festivities because they were before the game.  She played all over the bleachers and got a school cow bell (Jonathan traded a kid 2 free tardies for his cowbell...not even kidding!) to ring during the game.  She also made friends with a lot of her dad's coworkers.  (Funny fact but Jonathan now works with one of our APs when we were in HS who happened to be his best friends dad...does that make sense?)

So, although we were supporting Baylor in our hearts we had the best time celebrating homecoming with Jonathan!


Lyndsey said...

We were sad to miss y'all this year, but it looks like y'all have fun anyways! You'll just have to make sure Jonathan rigs the school calendar next year to make sure they don't fall on the same weekend again :)

Megan C said...

NINFA'S!!!!!!!!!!!!! Next year, I am determined to go. Let's make a goal to do that!

Love the blue dress and I love that last picture of Georgia and Jonathan.


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