Our Thanksgiving

November 26, 2012

Here is a break down of our Thanksgiving break.  I'm so thankful my husband is in education (sometimes) because he get's all of thanksgiving week off.  It was so nice having him home.

Sunday:  My side
Dinner using a neighborhood building located next to a park and my sister in law rented a bounce house!

Our Thanksgiving morning:
We colored, watched the parade, and napped.

Watching the parade 2012
watching the parade 2011
Thursday:  Jonathan's Family
After Georgia got up from her nap we headed to his parents for some food and to play

My SIL made these.  So cute!

Other fun stuff we did over the break!

Children's museum

Really hard to tell in this picture but we used Jonathan's belt to keep her in the chair and I turned her sweater around backwards to use it as a bib.  Nothing makes you think on your feet like being a parent ;)

Taking cousin pictures and playing in the leaves

We had such a wonderful week off!

*Say some prayers for my sweet girl.  We're trying her off of prevacid (second time we've done this...first time DID NOT go well), she is congested (allergies), and teething.  It took her ONE HOUR of crying to fall asleep last night and that is so not her.  Her 18 month appointment is today so hopefully the doc will give us some insight into what is going on*


Lyndsey said...

Looks like y'all had a fun week together! I am so jealous Jonathan gets the whole week off for holidays. Will got 4 days at home and it felt like a vacation!

I hope y'all get some answers at the Dr. today!

Tami said...

You got so many amazing pictures during Thanksgiving and your Fall break. I love them all! The parade watching comparison pictures are the sweetest! Prayers for sweet G- I hope she feels better and you are able to say bye to the Prevacid for good!

Callie Nicole said...

Beautiful pictures - sounds like a great Thanksgiving break! Praying Georgia feels better. :-(

Rachel and John said...

Poor G. Hope she feels better!

I love all her cute outfits!

Kristin said...

Hope Georgia feels better soon!! I love all of her outfits for Thanksgiving week.

Megan C said...

Sounds like a fun week! I love all the pictures!


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