Valentine's Day 27 & 28

February 28, 2013

Today is the last day of February.  I'm super excited because March brings Spring.  We need some spring in our life!  Scroll past this for some end of WINTER pictures!

Jonathan's mom and Georgia did these cute heart paintings.  They rolled marbles and golf balls in paint and over the paper.  Georgia really liked it.

The hand print and poem are from her Sunday School class and the fabric collage heart Georgia made with my mom while I was at the rodeo.  Then, we decoupaged over it.  She really enjoyed it.

Come on Spring!  
We're ready!

And, I know.  I take too many picture.  You don't need to tell me.  I get it but I don't care.  I like taking pictures and I like editing.  It's fun.  And, my parents read my blog...and my inlaws.  That's my excuse.

Jonathan and I took G on a picnic the other day and I snapped all of these.  It was nice because winter is coming to an end and soon it will start to get warmer for good.  Hopefully we can picnic more before it gets TOO hot!

Ignore the double denim faux pas.  Sorry.  It was the first jacket I grabbed and she wears jeans so rarely I didn't think about it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thursday!


Megan C said...

Love those pictures! So cute!

mariel said...

i love that picture of her looking over the table with a serious face! they look so professional!
what park was that at? i want to take some pictures of emma for her birthday and i want that kind of setting. thanks!


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