Blah weekend...

March 4, 2013

The past few days have been kind of rough.

Thursday I lost my phone/ had it stolen.  Totally stinks because we recently had to buy a new lap top and a new washing machine so it's like really...something else?!  (Oh, and the ceiling fan just broke in the living room too!  Joy.)

This weekend ended up being low key.  We kicked off Friday night by having a fun dinner of cinnamon roll waffles.  So easy that it was a joke. 

After dinner I started to not feel so well (not because of dinner but I'm sure my choice didn't help) and spent all Friday night and early Saturday morning hovered over a toilet/trash can.

We had planned on going to the zoo because it was the Bank of America free weekend (that they have every month) and we knew it was going to be cold so we we're hoping not that many people would be there.  Well, since I was sick Jonathan offered to take Georgia by himself.  They had a FANTASTIC time to say the least.  Can you tell he dressed her all by himself?  Underneath her jeans she had on stretchy pants and knee socks because he didn't want her to get cold and she had on boots.  Also, he layered a long sleeve shirt and short sleeve shirt and picked out her cheetah jacket because he said, "since we're going to the zoo".  Dads are so funny.  

Jonathan took her stroller but Georgia did not want to ride in it so she walked the entire zoo.  She came home and slept over 3 hours.  Jonathan actually went in and woke her up so she would go down at 7:30 for bedtime.

I just wasted away in bed all day but by the end of the day I was feeling better so we went to get Frozen Yogurt (probiotics).

Sunday I skipped church and Jonathan and Georgia went by themselves.  They had a lot of time together this weekend which is actually really good for both of them.  I spent much of Sunday catching up with laundry and sanitizing the house.  Then, Sunday night Jonathan got sick...the guy who took care of Georgia all weekend...yeah, let's hope she doesn't get it...ugh.  Not really how I wanted to spend my weekend BUT after this work week I have Jonathan home because of SPRING BREAK!  The perks of working in education!

And, totally random but we've been having some gorgeous sunsets lately!  These were taken from our back porch.


Emily said...

I am so sorry that you were not feeling good and that it sounds like your house has the sickies :( How awesome though that your hubby took care of G all weekend and how precious all their bonding time!

Brittney Galloway said...

ugh, sorry about your phone and sickness. That is not how weekends should start out! Too funny about how Jonathan dressed Georgia!

Allison Boutwell said...

Bummer! I hope y'all start feeling better! So jealous of spring break...I think every career field should have that :P

Megan C said...

Sorry you and J have been sick, I hope everyone is feeling better. And hopefully I will be able to call you tonight and chat!

Lyndsey said...

I hope everyone gets to feeling better and that G isn't the next victim! And boo about your phone, I would be sick if I lost my phone, I take way more pictures on it then on my real camera lately. I'm glad they had fun at the zoo though, hopefully next time mama can join them!

Rachel and John said...

Yuck! I hope G stays well!! Glad you are feeling better!

Melanie said...

Hope Georgia doesn't catch the 'bug'! Sounds like she had a great time w/her daddy though! And talk about bad luck..when I started reading this post (right in the middle of it)..our power went off!

Tami said...

Boo for the bug!! :( I hope everyone is finally on the mend. And those cinnamon roll waffles... I must try. They look amazing!!


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