TX Hill Country

July 18, 2013

Our 5 year anniversary is on the 19th of this month (tomorrow!) but we were able to get away for 2 nights and nearly 3 whole days for a quick trip through the Texas hill country area.  If you follow me on Instagram (Mrsemilypowell) then you pretty much saw our entire trip!

And, before you start reading...this is how Jonathan and I relax on vacation.  Fill up every single second with activity so I don't get bored.  We don't really plan it out but whatever we see that we want to do...we go and do it!


Went to the bank - Got gas - Went to pick up mail at our old house - Dropped G off

"Tiny Bladder" took a potty break still inside the Houston city limits

Lunch stop
-My dessert-

stopped to stretch!
-totally brought my tri pod for this trip so we didn't have a million and one "stretch your arm out selfies"

Outlet shopping and subway for dinner

Checked in
-it's actually a resort but still had this old sign up top that I thought was cute-

Fed the deer and checked out our view.  Looked at the peacocks.

Went swimming in the lake

Husband thinks it's normal for his pillows to look like this.  Weirdo.


Wildlife Ranch

If you know me well you know that I LOVE buffalo.  I know it's strange but I just can't help it.  I think they're so interesting.

I was literally screaming for Jonathan to roll up his windows.  Ostriches are like dinosaurs or something.  They are huge and strange and scary.  LOOK!  It's taller than a van.  Terrified.

Natural Bridge Caverns

Dry Comal Creek Winery
-This place was lovely and our taster lady was spunky and funny.  Loved her.  Actually ended up meeting a few people that we had common friends with.  WHAT a small world!

Just for comparison, I'm 5'6.  That's one tall flower.

Antique shopping
-This place was AWESOME and had great prices.  Only got ONE thing.-

Floated the river
-Again, I'm not good at relaxing and I don't care for vulgar people who like to hear themselves talk so about 20 minutes into our "float" I got out of my tube to swim.  First I just had J hold my tube and I held my tube and pulled us FAR away from the loud groups.  Then, he just held my tube and I would swim a few yards and then turn around and swim back to him and start over again.  The water was so cold and it felt so good.  Jonathan tried swimming for awhile but he's not nearly as good as me.  He's too dense...I float really well :)  I probably swam for nearly an hour.-

Went to dinner in Gruene

Our view for dinner.  The place in these old "ruins" and all outdoors and very pretty.  It's right on the river.

Did more shopping

Went swimming at our resort again (And, I mean swimming.  We did about 6 laps back and fourth across the cove.  I really like to swim.)

Scaled some massive rocks
(We got to the little cave we wanted to reach and there was a LOT of rustling in the shrubs.  Imagine me thinking I'm about to die and a large mountain lion is about to eat me!  I'm not even kidding!  Then, a baby deer popped out.  It had partially fallen off the cliff...luckily we scared it before it fell even more.  Poor thing...but I was pretty darn thankful I didn't get my face eaten off by a cougar or something...)


Drove to Austin

Barton Springs but it was closed
-naturally fed swimming pool-

Austin Murals!

Austin food trucks.  Nom nom.

J had three different tacos and I had lobster mac and cheese and a pork banh mi.  SOOO yummy!  We also had fresh homemade donuts for dessert with ice cream.  Good thing I did all that swimming the day before ;)

"Off the Grid"
-fun shop that makes all their own energy!-

Oh my gosh.  I'm so tired just after writing all that.  I bet none of y'all want to vaca with me!  And, that was only 2 nights!  So much fun though!


Rachel and John said...

You guys are so cute!! Looks like a lovely vacation!

Pamela said...

By the end of the post, I had forgotten that yall were only there for 2 nights because you did so much, ha! I love all the animals pictures!! So much fun :) Looks like yall had a wonderful time!

stephanie said...

I am pretty sure I have done everything that yall did. I wish I could go back and do it all with my husband. I am so glad you guys got some time alone.

Elizabeth said...

Looks like you had fun! I love doing a ton of things on vacation and my husband is the complete opposite. He would rather lay around on vacation. What? We can do that at home. Hehe.

Lea Culp said...

I bet there's not another couple that could cram so much fun and adventure into two days. Good for you! Have a great weeks dn!

Lyndsey said...

Yep, your getaway made me tired haha! But it looked like fun!

Megan C said...

Love all the pics! I need a tripod now! Also, love that dress you were wearing on the cliffs... Did you climb in that?

Mallorie said...

Sounds like my kind of vacay ;-) Loved all of your pictures.

Melanie said...

Great pics! I've always wanted to visit Austin..so jealolus!!

Ms. Chianne said...

I agree with you about the ostrich. I don't like birds so one this big would give me a horrible panic attack! Haha! Glad you guys had a good time.

Jessica said...

Where did you guys stay? We are headed to that area soon and are looking for a neat place to stay.


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