Our Wedding

July 17, 2013

Here are some fun facts and details about our wedding day!

When did you get engaged?
April 13th 2007 - You can read the full story here

What does your engagement ring look like?
Jonathan had the whole thing made!  The center diamond was my mothers...it's gorgeous and close to perfection (Literally.  It's like a little prisim.  And, since it's from the 1960's the stone was hand cut not done by lasers like now).  The setting has a total of 52 diamonds I think.  After the jeweler made it he melted the mold so my exact ring could never be made again.  The setting is platinum and the wedding band was made from the platinum of my grandmother's wedding band.  Although this ring is appraised and insured it could NEVER be replaced!  I would DIE if it was lost or stolen.

When did you get married?
July 19th 2008

Where did you get married?
A bed and breakfast - Ceremony pictures

Where was the reception?
The same place - Reception pictures

What were your wedding colors?
Green and white.  I wanted a crisp and clean outdoor feel.

What did you wear?
The most beautiful dress you have ever seen!

What did your bride's maids wear?
Green and white seersucker dresses...all 6 were hand made!

What did the guys wear?
Tan suits

Did you have a ring bearer and flower girl?
The two most precious ring bearers you could imagine.  Our nephews Cooper and Zakary.  They wore green seersucker.  But they also wore white dress shoes and white knee socks!  Adorable!

What did your cake look like?

I LOVED my cake!  It was gorgeous!

What did his cake look like?
He didn't want a cake so we had an old timey ice cream parlor instead.

Programs and Favors?

Flowers and Centerpieces?

Antique milk ware cake stands were the main center piece.  I LOVED them!  My mom just bought all of them!

What was your first dance song?
Rod Stewart's "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You".  LOVE this song!

What was your father daughter song?
Same song!  Funny story actually...I knew I would dance half the song with Jonathan and do the other half as father-daughter/ son-mother.  I hate being in front of people and just wanted to get 2 for 1 really.  But, about half way into the father-daughter one of my brothers cuts in randomly...wasn't planned but it was sweet.  Luckily, Jonathan has an older sister and she jumped right in and cut in on Jonathan and his mom so the whole thing looked planned.



J and his Sister:

Your favorite moment at your wedding?
My first dance-father daughter dance-brother sister dance, when my brother (the one who cut in) came up stairs before I walked down the aisle and saw me for the first time that day and started BAWLING (he also cried when I walked down the aisle), and of course saying "I DO!" 

Hugging and crying!

"AHH!  Don't mess up my make-up!"

"Oh my gosh we're married!"

Did anything go wrong?
Oh my YES!  But I didn't really care.  The DJ played some of the wrong music, the DJ also said my name was Angela at one point (mind you, he was a friend of Jonathan's and knew my name!), most of the boys at the wedding refused to dance so the dance floor was mainly girls, the wedding coordinator had me throw my bouquet from under a door way (which I told her several times with my gangly long arms just wouldn't work) and of course it didn't.  I ended up having to toss it over my shoulder so my hands wouldn't hit the door way and needless to say the bouquet didn't go far!  I also got a bit sick (dizzy) towards the end which makes sense now since we know I have hypothyroidism but at this point we didn't know.

The moment the DJ called me "Angela"

Also, the day of the rehearsal the pastor who was going to marry us, his father in law died.  Luckily, Jonathan's sister married a pastor so we were good to go...especially so since he was going to be an usher anyway and already had the suit!

Favorite wedding advice?
Don't stress because nobody cares as much as the bride does.  Just remember you're getting married not just throwing a party.



Lea Culp said...

Enjoyed this so much and yes, your dress was perfectly beautiful indeed! Blessings!

Lea Culp said...

Enjoyed this so much and yes, your dress was perfectly beautiful indeed! Blessings!

Lea Culp said...

Enjoyed this so much and yes, your dress was perfectly beautiful indeed! Blessings!

Ashleigh said...

What a neat post, and I love the meaning behind your rings

Malanda @ Outnumbered by Little Boys! said...

Gorgeous wedding!

stevenjared0853 said...

Your wedding ceremony was as adorable as you are!! Thanks for sharing the photos. I just love these kind of wedding venues. I will also reserve such exotic outdoor spot for my wedding party and hopefully everyone will enjoy it.


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