Little Girls Big Style: A Review

January 28, 2014

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Before Georgia was born I bought Little Girls, Big Style.  Since then my mother in law and my mom have made several custom items for Georgia.  The catch is that every single item in here comes from only four patterns!  I do not sew, so I cannot attest to the ease of use or anything in that area but the items in the book are CUTE!  And, they grow so well with the child.  At least in Georgia's case.  The waist bands are elastic and as far as the dresses go my child hasn't gained weight in over a year but just keeps getting taller and taller so, I just keep the dress and put pants with it.  Works for us :)

My mom made this skirt from sale fabric.  Total it cost 7$ !!!

My mom made the pants on the left as Georgia's "go to" fall pants.  She wears them ALL the time!  People ask me ALL the time where I bought them.  Someone even told me they tried to check the tag in sunday school and were disappointed there wasn't one.  My MIL made the ones on the right for Georgia's birthday party outfit to match her shirt.

Her go to Christmas pants have been these green chevron pants.  But, they're perfect for Baylor wear as well and good for the spring too.

My mom also made these pants from sale material.  She knows Georgia too well.  ANYTHING with any type of animal she is ALLL about!  She adores these pants!  One of my friends already said they needed some of these for her girls.  Sorry this picture is blurry.

And, you can't have cat pants without mouse pants ;)

I got the most compliments on this dress!  My mom made it and Georgia got a lot of wear out of it.  A dress one year and a dress with ruffle pants the next!  People literally stopped me all the time with this one!  With dresses like this I pick out the fabric because my mom gets nervous with mixing on the other hand, I LOVE mixing patterns!  This one also had another apron to change out.  And, several people have requested I pass this dress down to their kids but I'm hanging on to it!

This is our most recent dress from my mom.  It's Georgia's fox dress.  I picked out the fabric and she LOVES it.  It's long enough to wear without leggings but it was 50 degrees when I took these pictures.

Last Halloween Georgia was a yard gnome.  My mom made this dress so that she could wear it again.  She also made another apron to go with it that was red and green.  So, she wore this dress for Halloween, Christmas, and Valentine's day.  I got a lot of compliments on this one too!

Georgia's Christmas skirt was made last year, by my MIL, and she wore it again this year.  Once your kid is potty trained their butt shrinks and they can wear smaller clothes than seems possible.

My mom made this fall skirt and Georgia gets so many compliments on it.  I just LOVE it!

As you can see, we just LOVE these patterns!  Buy your copy HERE!


Kelly Slater said...

I have missed seeing this cutie and her adorable outfits! I wish I was this talented..... it would save me a lot of money! I love that fox dress! But, they're ALL adorable!

Melanie said...

Love them! Where did you find the fabric for the fox outfit?? LOVE!

Natalie said...

So much cuteness!! I've been wanting to make one or both of my girls apron dresses. I'll have to soon!

Lyndsey said...

She's also one of the best dressed! I want my mom to learn how to make ruffle pants stat!

Kelsey said...

I love all of those outfits your mom made! My mom makes Kinley ruffle pants too but I need her to make those cute dresses! What pattern does she use if you don't mind me asking?

Paulsen Mommy said...

So cute!! Such a cutie pie!!
I can sew and I think my girls would love those adorable apron dresses!! I just might give those a go.

mac said...

Oh my goodness! I love it all! Thanks fir putting my book to such great use!


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