Our Frozen Days

January 29, 2014

My days are just getting away from me.  I'm busy.  My life has just picked up in the best ways possible.  Friends.  MOPS.  Photography.  We think we're getting closer to closing on our house.  Think.  It's SUCH a long story and I will tell once we close and it's ours.  Such a mess but I'm being patient.  Jonathan and I had to teach a sunday school lesson on patience and Jonathan told the kids that:

Patience is waiting happily

So, that's what I'm doing.  Trying to do.

Moving on.  We've had two ice days here in the greater Houston area.  Seems crazy to northerners but a) we are not equipped to deal with such weather and b) we think you're crazy when you complain about it being 90 degrees ;)

Here is how my family spent our ice days.  Jonathan had off of work twice so it was such a treat!

It has been so nice to experience more of a winter this year but I am eagerly awaiting spring.


Megan C said...

Haha! Love the reasoning and explanation for northerners. People think we are crazy and I agree with both those points!

Melanie said...

Ha..yeah it has definitely been a brutal winter for everyone!! Love Georgia's fuzzy mittens..very cute!

Erin said...

Haha, those crazy northerners don't know heat like we do in the South! ;) Also, I'm dying over how cute Georgia is relaxing with her leg crossed over...how precious!

Natalie said...

Patience is waiting happily...love that!
I like your "disclaimer" to northerners ;) I think we are all just jealous and wish that we could stay home for only a few inches haha!


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