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January 24, 2014

This is my friend Jaclyn.  Here's the deal.  She's the best thing ever.  Like, EVER.  She's all around awesome.

Here are the basics
She lives in TX.  Went to Baylor.  Graduated in 2008.  Is the youngest in a family of four.  Originally from Amarillo.  She will be 28 in April.  She's 5'8

She loves Baylor.  Loves Texas.  Has her CHL (concealed hand gun license).  Involved in church.  Works at a women's shelter.  Likes to cook.  Loves the color green.  Loves kids.  Has a huge family.  Likes trying new things.  Very social.  Loves Christmas.  Has an oddly good memory.  Very strong attention to detail.  Very witty.  Likes sports.  Likes Baylor sports more.  Likes to have a good time and go out but just as likely to curl up on the couch with you to watch random TV.

My daughter Georgia just adores Jaclyn.  Maybe because Jaclyn comes to her birthday parties.  Takes her potty.  Plays with her during church services.  Let's G play with her makeup.  Gets her dressed for me.  I always tell Jac that if I could have a live in Nanny, it would be her.

She's just an all around awesome person that I cannot say enough good things about.  She's the person who remembers you have a stressful doctor appointment coming up and texts you the day of to see how your doing.  She's the kind of person who never ever forgets your birthday.  She's at every function, every event, any time you need her...she's the one to call.  I'm serious y'all...she's just the best.

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Melanie said...

A good friend like that is HARD to come by..and a blessing to have! Your so lucky to have a good friend live so close by!

Amy Anderson said...

I'd love to tell you about my brother in law- he is a Baylor alum too! Email me at :)

Megan C said...

She would totally be my live in nanny too! We should just live in a compound!!

Katie said...
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