Weekend Happenings

February 3, 2014

Just a random stream of thoughts here:

Most exciting of the weekend happenings was that last night I opened my own Etsy shop for my custom Valentine's I made for my shoots last week.  Now, you can all get your own personalized digital Valentines to print however you want!  I currently only have 2 boy designs and 3 girls designs but as I have time I plan on adding other items as holidays come up.  I can also do custom orders.  Email me or message me if you're interested in another type of design.

Get yours HERE!

My brother and sister in law had dinner plans last night but their sitter was running late.  We told her no problem and took Molly Kathryn (my beautiful niece) out to dinner with us since we were already on our way out.  The girls had a blast and we got a lot of crazy looks from people who thought we had two girls 13 months apart.  We enjoyed the crazy.  I also bribed them with promises of candy if they would let me take their pictures.  They were just too pretty not too!  Georgia just adores Molly Kathryn...she's obsessed!

I have so many pictures of Jonathan holding them like this.  His favorite ladies for sure :)

And, if you have met MK you know this is SO her.  Her as a teenager scares me...she's a hoot.

And, across the street from the restaurant was "Princess Bridals" or something like that and the girls just went crazy over it!  Georgia is on the left and MK is on the right.  Each picked out and loved their specific dresses in the window.  MK went on and on about her "mermaid dress".  Love having a girl.  The dress G picked out is actually my taste exactly.  

Just love those girls!

I also finished editing my valentine's day minis and just LOVED them.  I have them posted on my photography blog HERE.  This past week I've book four more sessions!  I feel so amazingly blessed to have this fun creative outlet and I LOVE getting to know all my clients better.  God is so good.  I'm sending Jonathan to school today with fliers for senior portraits.  So exciting!  If you're in the Harris County/Montgomery County area check me out!  Would love to take some pictures for you.  And if you are, heads up.  I have BLUEBONNET mini sessions coming up in March.  Such a gorgeous time of year!

We had plans to go to a Super Bowl party but Jonathan was feeling a bit under the weather so we stayed home instead.

I hope everyone stayed warm and enjoyed their weekend.


Megan C said...

Love those pics of MK and G! So precious! Also, I'm so glad the business is going so well! Can't wait to do some mini sessions together and go looking for some props! You should design invitations too.

Melanie said...

They do look like they could be sisters! Love the pics!

Lyndsey said...

Those girls are so cute together! How fun to have a cousin that close in age that she's sees so often. Yay for an new Etsy store, you are keeping busy!

Joanna said...

such cute girlies!


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