My Peachy Pie

November 25, 2014

Georgia is officially 3.5 as of the 17th of November.  Wow.  How?  I have no idea how I have such a big girl!  She's nothing short of amazing.

She is about 36 lbs (90%) and about 40 in tall (95%) so she's a tall growing girl.  Her waist is about a 2t but her length is a, nana makes your pants :)

She still sleeps from 7:30 - 7:30 and on most days will still take a 2 hour nap.

Not picky at all.  She doesn't like cooked carrots but that's the only thing I can think of at the moment that she doesn't like.

She is talkative and smart.  She loves (is obsessed with?) her cousins.  She knows all her capital and lowercase letters and 5 or so letter sounds.  Sometimes she knows more.  She can count past 20.  She is very interested in science (coyotes and moths) and maps.  She loves to learn.  We watch a lot of animal shows at our house. 

She loves everything princess, fairy, and unicorn.  Dress up is her favorite.

Here are some of her best quotes from the past 6 months:
"Dear Jesus.  Thank you for this wonderful food.  Amen." 7.12.14

"God is good.  Thank you for our daily food. We love bread.  Amen" 11.16.14

Hanitizer - Hand Sanitizer
Free Sun - Capri Sun
Masquerade - Gatorade

"Pooping is hard for daddies.  It's hard for me too sometimes."

"Momma, you make the world smell good"

"Oh, this one is sparkly.  It makes the whole world sparkle!"

"Momma, your hair looks ugly in that ponytail with no bow."
Georgia, it isn't nice to tell people they look ugly
"Mom.  Don't worry about it" (Holding her hand up in front of her face)

Georgia was just freaking out.

Does Daddy's breath smell weird?

"Momma, how is your day?

What kind of tea do you want, momma?
Hot berry rose?
Hot 'mille rose?

Oh, momma I like you're new exercisin' pants.  I hope you have a good day exercisin'

Me: You can't tell me what to do. I'm an adult and you're a child.
Georgia: I'm not a child, I'm a woman.
Me: Um, NO you are not
Georgia: Well, are you sure about that?

"A counting fair party is going to be so fun with all the counting games!"

-She watches "Charlotte's Web" too much and the go to the COUNTY fair but my child thinks it's a "counting" fair.  hahaha.-

Tonight I'm thankful for Nana and Nanny.  Those are two words that are kind of the same.  I also want to pray for Nanny.  I hope she never dies.

Saul and Paul.  Those are two words that are kind of the same.  There are two Pauls.  One Paul belongs to Megan and one Paul belongs to God.

When I'm a teenager I grow up and get pointe shoes.  I'm real excited about that.

If I give you a hug and say sorry will it be ok?

Momma, I'm sorry for crying.

When you pick me up you need to wear a skirt and shirt.  And, something sparkly.

Momma, you don't look cute in exercising clothes.  I look real cuter than you.

"My nose was blowing so I bless you-d in my bed"


Kelli said...

"Well, are you sure about that?" was my favorite. Such a funny girl!

Lyndsey said...

I think this girl likes sparkles, ha! I love how one day she's complimenting your workout clothes and then another - being brutally honest that she's not a fan! She's a hoot!

Megan C said...

She is just too cute! Love the comment about Paul, he thought it was funny too!


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