April 24, 2015

1. There are tons of blackberries growing in our backyard.  Jonathan and Georgia love them and have a lot of fun picking them!

2. I made Georgia's birthday invitations.  And then I sent it to my phone and texted them to the guests.  Because that's all I had the energy to do...she'll never even know :)

3.  Georgia had dance pictures this week and I know I'm partial but she is CUTE if I do say so myself.  I did good with that one ;)

4.  Then, she goes from tutus to TOADS.  She chased this poor little thing around the flower beds and caught it herself.  Makes me love her all the more!

5.  I tried to get some pictures of our living room.  Its a big space and hard to lay out because it's a big L shape.  But here it is for now.  You can even see my big dumpster diving art.  I've started to repaint the entry way one.  This isn't the final layout because the wall where the piano is, it's going to be arched to open it up between the dining room and living room so the piano will be moved to the left to the smaller wall.  And the's GOTS to go!

Happy Friday Everyone!

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Cat @ said...

The tutu on the stone frog made me laugh. You little girl is adorable, toad chasing and all!

Emily Powell said...

thanks! she's a funny one :)

Heather M said...

Awww, so cute in the tutu! I always loved dance pictures.

Lyndsey_Lofland said...

CUTE birthday invite! I love G in her recital costume - I cannot wait to get Liesl in dance! Although I won't be nearly as good at the hairstyling as you are - it is not a strong suit of mine!

Emily Powell said...

I love dance picture time too :)

Emily Powell said...

Thanks :) And the hair isn't that hard. I use an adult bun form and then watched a youtube video on the easiest way to use it on kids. And we use a lot of hairspray. This is the method I use:


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