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April 20, 2015

This weekend was a fun one for sure.  I love seeing forward progress on our fixer upper.  It is just so gratifying to know you're bringing a house back!  It's fun and we know it will bring us more money when we eventually go to sell.

I've been telling Jonathan for months now that we are focusing on curb appeal and kitchen.  For curb appeal we still need two window boxes, a new mailbox, paint the trim near the roof line, and a new fence in the front (and let's not even talk about the kitchen!) so we are almost at the finish line!

Georgia's new window was installed last week and it looks amazing.  This weekend we redid all the mulch and plants and added a stone border.  Doesn't sound like much but it took all day.  

Here are a few pictures so you can remember what we started with on closing day.

Lovely isn't it?!  Just screams, "buy me!"  Yeah right...more like, "help me!"  So, help we did!

Once we bought it we redid the garage door, removed the screens, removed the gutters and exterior wiring, painted the front door, added shutters, and added a new porch light.  We also took down three smaller trees and one huge tree stump.  Then we kind of stalled there until the last two weeks.

Here is what it looks like today.

I'll post more close ups in later posts.  It had just started to rain when I took this so the rest came out super blurry.

Ahh...don't you just feel like you can breathe now?!  I like my plants to be spaced really far apart.  Less places for snakes to hide!  P.S. That big tree is still there.  I was standing under it when I took the second picture.

Watching Georgia run around in our one acre yard is my favorite pass time.  Although our one acre has now made us greedy and wanting more. ;)  We shall see how long this once acre will last us.  And most people are surprised by the size of our house.  I agree with most that it does appear small on the outside but it's 2200 sq ft and we are wanting to make the screened porch a sun room.  Oh, the fixer upper life.  (I feel like I need emojis on this post.)

Moving on.  I love architecture and was an art history major in college so feel like I can appreciate nearly any architectural style.  Jonathan and I have been researching floor plans lately for our future home build when we buy some land and I'm pretty much giving him the final say on the outside style because I just love nearly all homes for one reason or another.  But, I will be designing and deciding on the layout and finishes.  I have a very specific floor plan in mind.  Here are the ones we are both loving these days.

-but tweaked into a one story?-

-but not red, white-

Moving on from house stuff...

This little girl cracks me up.  Love her!

My dad and step mom came over on Saturday and were pretty much on Georgia duty while we worked in the yard.  Her dirty feet were just too funny to my dad.  I told him the only way to get anything done was to just turn her loose in the yard.  Our front yard is so big I don't usually worry about cars.  She played in the sprinkler and we (Jonathan) did landscaping.

I am about to order my second Stitch Fix box btw...has anyone recieved any good items lately?!  I want mainly dresses.  Let me know of any good items or sign up for yours too!

So, in conclusion, I got a lot of dirt under my nails this weekend but it was well worth it...except for Friday when I did a newborn shoot.  No dirt that day.  But, lots of dirt on Saturday and Sunday ;)

Happy Monday Y'all!


Lyndsey_Lofland said...

What a huge improvement y'all have made to your house! It looks great! And I already miss our huge yard SO MUCH! We love, love, love our house, but we wish so badly we could pick it up and move to a bigger lot - fat chance! Also, you switched to Disqus - was it hard? I need to do that!

Emily Powell said...

It through me for a loop at first but I just followed the step by step instructions and I figured it out...wasn't too hard. Thanks for the house comments. It's been a lot of work but it's fun :)

Pamela Baker said...

looks good!!!

Emily Powell said...

thanks so much! it was a lot of work but it's starting to pay off :)

leaculp said...

So impressed with the work you all have done. Looks like a completely different house. I love watching Fixer Upper on HGTV. Happy week!

Callie Nicole said...

Love hearing about all your house improvements! We have about 1.3 acres, and the space is really nice for the kiddos - we will probably move eventually, and I'm hoping we still get at least an acre!

Emily Powell said...

yes, big yards are the way to go!


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