Summer Favorites {A Series} - Summer Uniform

August 14, 2015

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This summer all I seem to wear is tank tops and shorts.  All the time.  I used to only wear dresses and skirts but with an active four year old, photoshoots scheduled, and a house to clean, shorts just make more sense with not wanting to flash the world and all...

And hello, I'm not good at selfies.  You fashion bloggers baffle me because I feel like a super loser.  I mean, look at these.  Ick.  And I even let Georgia in on the action with the bottom pic.  She did get my face in the picture which I promptly cropped out thankyouverymuch.

My shirt is from Nordstom Rack (Lush) and my shorts are from J. Crew.

Shirt is from target and so are my shoes.  Although if we are running errands I will have on flats.  This is if we go out for lunch or dinner. Shorts are from a boutique in Gulf Shores, AL.

Tank and shorts are from the same stores as above.  Shoes are the same.  Cardigan is from Kohl's.  Literally the only item I have ever bought there and it was like 5 years ago.  Purse is Calvin Klein.  I bought it 6 years ago as my teacher bag.  Haven't used it much since I stopped teaching.

So, yeah this is pretty much what I wear everyday around here.

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