Themed Dinner - Rockin' School

October 6, 2015

I'll be real honest.  I didn't have my act together to have a back to school dinner.  I wanted to but it just didn't happen.  So, I waited until we had been in school for a whole month.  So, now that's it's October we had a celebratory, "You're doing a great job in school!" dinner.

It was really simple.  I just gathered a few things we already had and Jonathan put together a nice, home made, from scratch dinner.  Chicken fried chicken and mashed potatoes.  Yum.

We talked about how well Georgia was doing in school and gave her lots of praise.

She enjoyed it and really loved the decorations and taking pictures.  Maybe next year I can get it done the first week of school...or before.  But, since we home school I have a lot on my plate.

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