What We're Doing

December 29, 2015

Making s'mores in the new fire pit that Jonathan built weeks and weeks ago.
 Trying out new (to us) restaurants.  This one was a hit!  Closed in lawn for kids.  Winning! (We were sitting under an outdoor heater)
Georgia has been busy hanging out with Nanny and working at her new desk.
Spent too much time at the vet recently.  All pets are alive and well.
Sleeping in tents
 Dressing up uncle Austin's old stuffed animals in night gowns
 Working on art projects
 Going to gymnastics
 Going to the skate park
 Stealing Nana's glasses
 Chickens not letting me get into my driveway
 Finding markers and pretending to be a cat
Regular scheduled Christmas posts coming soon ;)

1 comment:

Megan C said...

Firepit! I want to come make smores one night!! Also, where did y'all go eat with a fenced lawn, I need that place for my crazy running toddler!


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