15 Weeks

March 1, 2016

Obviously leaning some what forward here and you can't see my back because of the sweater which makes my posture look a little off.  But, I got dressed and did my hair, although I didn't put on makeup...you win some you lose some ;)
Weekly blog bump-dates are finally starting to come up on my radar.  Now that the naps have ended and I've learned how to control my reflux a little better...which is basically skipping dinner.

My gender scan is TOMORROW!  We are definitely team healthy and could not care less if it is a boy or girl.  Georgia says, "Boy!  Because God has to make it a boy.  There aren't enough boys in the house.  But, I hope it has blond hair and blue eyes because there is too much brown here."  Jonathan and I have no clue.

Georgia wants to know how the baby breathes and if it is hot or cold.  It is all very interesting to her.

Weight gain is irrelevant to me right now.  My regular clothes still "fit" but are highly uncomfortable.  I got one of those "pants extender" things and it's working well to make my pants more comfortable but really my days in pants are numbered.  Once warm weather is here to stay hopefully I can just be in dresses and skirts the remainder of my pregnancy.

I feel the baby move occasionally.  If I'm sitting still or drink something really cold.  Nothing huge or regular but every now and then.  

I'm not craving anything and if I had aversions to anything I got over them a long time ago.  If it didn't make me puke I would eat it.  If it didn't give me reflux I would consider that a win no matter what my initial reaction to it was.  But now, I'm doing much better.

I'm sleeping much better now.  In the beginning I would just wake up for no reason and lay in bed and not be able to fall back asleep.  Now, I don't have that problem.  Sleep.  Get up to go to the restroom.  Sleep some more.

Annnd.....then this one pops in :)

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Kelli said...

I am still so very excited for you guys. I think praying for this pregnancy made me much more emotionally invested than I normally would be. Georgia is going to be such a great big sister! Also, you know you're only one or two more questions away from "how did the baby get in there", right? Good luck with that one. ;)


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