His Name

March 3, 2016

John Milam
Who will go by Milam

John - Jonathan is named after both his grandfathers.  Johnnie and John Milton, who went by his middle name.  So, Milam and Milton will have the same initials and both go by their middle names.  Also, my dad's name is John.  So, John just works. AND John means, "God is gracious".  So SO fitting.

Milam:  Pronounced (My-lum) and if you live in Texas you know that.  It's a street in Houston, a county in Texas, and the last name of a Texas war hero. (Texas requires you to take Texas history in school).  Both my brothers, Travis and Austin, have Texas names so it in part honors them and in part honors Milton (J's grandfather) because they would have the same initials and both go by their middle names...like I said above.

Other names that we like that may get future use:
Collier, Alexander (middle name - family name), Jasper (because Georgia and Jasper sound cute out loud), Sargent (J hates but John Singer Sargent anyone?!)

His name had he been a girl: Magnolia Jane 

Magnolia - We like strong southern names that are girly.  We both agreed on this name instantly like we did with Georgia, we settled on this name when she was about two, and it flows well with Georgia.  Also, we like Texas names and Magnolia is a town in Texas...actually one over from us.  It's all coincidence that all our top picks just so happen to be place names

Jane:  See "John" above because Jane is the female version of John

Other names we like that we would love to be able to use at some point.
Briar, Flora, Eliza (Elizabeth), Ingrid, Josephine (after my grandfather), and Evaline

Although now that we're having a boy and using "John" the likely hood of using Jane is very slim since they are basically the same name.  Magnolia Clare is a close second.  Clare is my great grandmother's middle name.


Donna said...

Great name! I full admit to pronouncing Milam incorrectly the first time I saw it, but once I read the correct pronunciation it made my heart go pitter-patter. :) I'm also a huge fan of John, I love the meaning behind it and it's such a classic name. Congratulations on your little boy!

Elizabeth said...

Love his name! Praying for a healthy and easy pregnancy for you

Lyndsey said...

I love his name! I didn't realize there was such a long line of John's in your family! Well, Jonathan's family :)

Renee said...

Beautiful name! Milam is so unique!

Renee | Lose The Road

Elizabeth said...

I love his name!! I'm just going to say again how excited I am for you! As a fellow infertility mom, it makes my heart so happy. You will love having a boy! I had a girl first and love all girly things but my little boy has stolen my heart! Looking forward to reading more!

Amanda said...
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Heather (Lackey) Perry said...

I lived next door to Mr. and Mrs. Powell, Johnathan's grandparents. Mr. Powell would let my brother and I watch him make crafts in his garage and then I would watch Mrs. Powell paint them. We loved them both dearly!

Heather (Lackey) Perry said...

I meant to also say that he was a wonderful man and I thought of him when I saw the name Milam. :)


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