16 Weeks - Milam

March 8, 2016

I'm starting to feel much better reflux wise.  Mainly because I stick to an eating plan that involves "dinner" at 3:00 and a bowl of cereal any where from 6-7.  Then, before I go to bed I eat a handful or so of granola.  It's kind of odd but works well.

No clue on weight.  I eat less and now that it has warmed up I am a lot more active.  I'm also a lot more active now that I'm feeling better.  I'm mostly sleeping better.  My back is less sore than it has been.  I'm even taking my vitamins.  I've had some headaches and my allergies are acting up a little but no big complaints.

I don't have a lot of aversions.  I usually eat spinach salad at dinner but that doesn't seem appetizing at all.  Neither does vodka sauce.  I don't like the smell of onions in the house but other than that I seem to be good.

We went to the rodeo this week and I managed to feel pretty good most of the night.  Couldn't eat any yummy fair food, huge bummer, but we had fun.

I'm still only occasionally feeling Milam move.  Just a handful of times per day.  More like rolls and and few small kicks.  My uterus is tilted backwards so I don't know if that causes me to feel less.  From the amount he was moving on the ultasound screen once he gets a little bigger I'm never going to get any rest.  Every time he's on a screen the dr/tech comments on how "wild" he is...oh yay! (We've seen him three times now and heard his heart 4 times)

Here, Milam and I are enjoying a nature documentary...per the usual.
And, let me bring attention to the fact that I cannot avoid the photo bomber.  A chicken, a child, and a cat.  I don't even fight it at this point.

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Melanie said...

I just saw this..congrats!!!!! I know it's been a long road for you!


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