Netflix's Fuller House - My Thoughts

March 10, 2016

Story lines - They are good and to the point.  Not too involved or over the top cheesy.

Acting - It can only be as good as the writing I suppose.  It isn't the best and I actually feel that DJ's is the cheesiest which may or may not be her fault.  I'm not a writer or an actor so what do I know.

Cheesy Factor - Pretty cheesy.  It is in between a kid's show and a family sitcom.  But, I genuinely like it and laugh a lot.  I would much rather watch this than the TV shows on Disney (like, the ones with real people)

Guest Appearances - Pretty good.  Uncle Jessie and Aunt Becky...still looking pretty darn hot in my opinion.

Kid Friendly -  There is actually quite a bit of kissing which Georgia cannot stand.  Most of the semi inappropriate innuendo type things are way over Georgia's head.  She likes the slap stick humor and the little kid humor.  I don't think anyone a lot younger than Georgia would really enjoy it.

Jonathan - He doesn't really like it.  But, he hasn't really watched it that much.  He doesn't have much interest in watching it though.

Georgia - She does like it and finds it very funny.  She asks to watch it all the time.

Their famous sayings - Super cheese factor and feel a little forced but I suppose they should be there.

DJ Tanner - Is it sad to say that I identify personality wise the most with her?  Not up with the lingo, says other words instead of cuss words, a little naive...although she is WAY more toned than me.  I need to get on that ;) #teammatt


City Style Country Living said...

I completely agree with the cheesiness of it all. I think that they should have given the new kids tag lines like they had instead of continuously hear Stephanie in her 20's or 30's say "How Rude", like she was 5 again. I heard they are picked up for a 2nd season and of course I will watch it! I read something the other day that said 'Is it 1995 again? The O.J. Simpson trail is all over the news, their is a Clinton running for President and Full House has new episodes!' I about died laughing so hard!

Christi said...

I am totally team Matt the high school crush seems a little clingy. I love it in all it's cheesiness.

pinkelstar - write my essay said...

Thanks for the review! It is interesting and nicely structured! I think that I should start watching Fuller House:)

Hilary said...

I just want DJ's wardrobe!


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