A Weekend in Review

March 7, 2016

We had a good weekend.  Next week though is SPRING BREAK and then soon to follow is EASTER!  Woo hoo!  School calendars still rule our lives since J is a principal, even though we homeschool (for now...more on that to come)

Let's back up a bit...all the way to Wednesday...on Wednesday we found out we were having a boy!  Sweet baby Milam.  LOOK at that little face!
Thursday we went to the rodeo (seriously good seats!) after I did some serious damage in the Ralph Lauren section at TJ Maxx.
Red outfit was both my brother's coming home outfit and my nephews.  Milam will probably wear it too.  The frog outfit has his name under the frog.  The bag was from my mom.
On the way to the rodeo I needed to eat.  Had to.  If they gave awards for what can be eaten while driving...I would win a lot. (bread bowl anyone...it has been done)
Saturday was boring.  J had to work and then I had a shoot.

Sunday we went to church, had family lunch, and then did a lot of yard work.  Our cat is seriously crazy and was diving into the leaf piles.  It was actually really funny even though I am so not a cat person.
Georgia and the sweetest little boy in the world.  My nephew, Cooper.  She adores him.
Small joys of an old house. Recently discovered a slab in the backyard. Cleared it off for a shed and found these gems. For reference: Sherry's hand is G's size. Randy was probably two and un-named hand was a baby.  I wish I could tell them how much we are enjoying the house they built 50 years ago :)
G had outfit change after outfit change.  Her closet is a serious sore subject between her and I (another story for another day) but total she wore about 6 outfits in one day.  Church clothes, work clothes, Cinderella costume, Tiger Lily costume, undies and boots, and a random halloween dress.  Goodness gracious.
Her best find of the day.  Baby turtle Michael.  To go with her other baby turtle, Wendy.  She was giddy that she found him.  We were clearing a lot of the yard.  An opossum was also found under a lot of brush...let's just say he's "sleeping" now.
And seriously, the golden hour is just better in Conroe.  It just is.  The light in our front yard is one of my favorite things in the world.  Snapped this while I was eating my dinner on the driveway watching G ride her scooter.  The good life ;)

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http://ca.pinkelstar.com/ said...

Yay! New baby! It is so cool, specially for you after having such awesome experience of being a mom. Congrats!


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