17 Weeks - Milam

March 15, 2016

Feeling fairly large for the amount of weeks I am.  I have no clue on weight.

I'm starting to feel better reflux wise (this is about when I did with Georgia as well) and I am really wanting to be more active.  We are enjoying our Spring Break with Jonathan so hopefully that will start to happen.

I felt Milam kick my hand for the first time on Sunday, March 12th.  He moves occasionally...I only feel it a handful of time a day, but that was the first time another person would have been able to feel it as well.

My allergies have been pretty bad thanks to Texas's pollen season.  Still getting a few headaches but trying to just drink water and deal.  I'm much more cautious with this pregnancy than I have been with any of my others in the past.  Aside from allergies I'm feeling almost like my normal self.

I'm sleeping pretty well now mainly because I'm just so tired.  I'm starting to feel more like myself so I'm starting to do more...so now I'm getting more tired.

I can't stand the thought of caprese salad, sliced tomatoes, pesto, vodka sauce, fresh mozzarella, tomato soup...mostly everything Italian unless it's plain marinara and spaghetti. Everything listed literally makes my stomach turn.

I'm embracing the belly this week.  I think people can tell that I'm pregnant now and not just fat so I'm trying to just accentuate it rather than hide it.

Doesn't my little boy bump look cute in the pretty bathrobe...I mean it is blue. 


Kristin said...

I totally have been slacking in the blog world and just saw you are pregnant with #2! Congratulations!! I remember reading all your posts about your struggle and I had faith it would happen one day for you. SO SO happy for your wonderful family! <3

Chasity Munn said...

I read about your struggles last week and I guess I somehow missed the fact that you are pregnant now. Congratulations and many prayers for a safe and healthy pregnancy. :) Aren't the little kicks the BEST? This baby of mine is way more active than Georgia ever was, but I will stay up all night just feeling her wiggle and kick away. Love it and it makes me sad to know that this is our last baby.



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