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March 4, 2016

Linking up HERE  to show my favorite things from this week (and honestly the past few weeks bc that's life!)

School science experiments
How she watches scary parts in movies...but without the blinking...
Park days
The perks to naming your daughter, "Georgia".  It's the little things.
Congratulatory candy.  YES :)
Big sister practice!
First day in the bronze level gymnastics class!
She's into posing and fashion...
Our friends got new baby goats.  We were planning on getting two in the spring but Jonathan said no...since I'm pregnant.  He doesn't want more projects.  But, look at that goat baby face.  SO CUTE!  I cannot even handle the picture with Georgia.
Found this on the curb in great condition.  So, we snagged it!  Score :)
Look mom!  I'm a ninja!
And, here she is pretending to eat a macaroon while I take her picture at the local coffee place.  Goof.
Sometimes I send Jonathan pictures after I get dressed :)  Lots of boots and dresses.
Last week: 14 weeks
This week: 15 weeks

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http://www.uk.pinkelstar.com/ said...

I really love the way you dress your little princess! She looks so fashionable and enjoys that! Cool!


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