22 Weeks - Milam

April 19, 2016

My first official phone bump pic.  I can't lug the big camera around all the time.

I would have a more fun update because I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for yesterday (monday) but it was cancelled due to flooding in our area.

I've had a few bouts of reflux this week but nothing too too bad.  I'm dealing.  

What my main "issue" is right now is pretty intense pain in my tailbone.  I had the same pain when I was pregnant with Georgia and I thought it would go away when she was born but it actually never fully went away and I have just lived with it.  Now that I'm into my second trimester again it is getting pretty intense.  I need to go to the chiropractor soon.

No weight news.  He feels huge to me but who knows.  He moves all the time and all over the place.


Emily said...

Pregnancy looks great on you, Emily! Love your little bump!

Chelsea said...

You look adorable ;) Chelsea @ http://thewilliamsjourney1.blogspot.com

Tami said...

You look amazing!! I hope the chiro can help with that tailbone pain! I have that right now (not pregnancy related) and it's the worst!!


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