Our Week - Rainy Edition

April 23, 2016

So, on my last "life" post I left off with needing another weekend to catch up from our overly busy one...then added that Jonathan got work off on Monday because of flooding in our area.

It's been raining A LOT!  Not only did Jonathan have off on Monday but also on Tuesday.  The school I worked at my first year teaching has the entire week off and the district one over from us has been off Monday - Thursday.  It's crazy.  Our immediate area is not flooding.  Thank goodness.  We live on a "rural-ish" street so we have ditches and we could see in the morning (after the longest night of my life and the loudest thunder and lighting I had ever heard) where they had over flowed into our yard and street but our yard is so big the water was no where near our house and by the time we actually got out of bed (9am) the ditches were nearly totally empty. 

But, Jonathan's school had some water in it (not a lot), some of the other campuses did as well, and a lot of his students were stuck in their neighborhoods for two days unable to get out.  We so enjoyed having him home BUT this weather is wrecking my photo shoots and the forecast isn't looking too promising :/ (Obviously thankful that these photo shoots are the biggest of my worries.  Many people's homes are flooding in neighboring Houston.)


Cleaned the house
Done Bible study
Been to the library
A few closet updates
Delivered some eggs
Squeezed in one shoot

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Hilary said...

Ugh, we had a bunch of rain like that in October and it was definitely no fun! Glad you guys didn't have any damage! Those pictures are gorgeous!


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