23 Weeks - Milam

April 26, 2016

I had an appointment yesterday because mine last week was cancelled due to flooding.  Milam's heart was in the mid 140's (again, she couldn't get him for too long because he was moving so much), I'm up 10 pounds total (OMG! That's a lot!  But I will be honest.  A LOT of that is in my chest.  That didn't happen with G), doc measured my bump for the first time, and next appointment is the glucose test.

No stretch marks, belly button is full on innie, I still feel VERY thick although my bump is very clear.

Milam makes my stomach look like a crazy moving waterbed.  I've been trying to get Georgia to notice but she loses interest very quickly.

My back pain is better.  Mainly prayer and just trying to not push it too much.  Which, stinks because I want to be active but it can cause it to flair up so badly.

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