Finally Friday!

June 3, 2016

This week seems to be going by more quickly than last.  I guess knocking that Monday off really makes a difference.
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We had a fun Memorial Day.  Georgia was able to sport her red, white, and blue again.  She's a patriotic little thing. (Loves America and cats.  haha)  We spent the evening with family and swimming at my brother's house.
I love when Georgia has her dance recital.  She gets so many fresh flowers and I love flowers.
Every other Wednesday our side of town has "large trash" collection day.  You put all your junk on the curb and the city comes and collects.  It's the best thing ever.  I love going on little treasure hunts every other week.  We find so many good things.  Is that bad?  haha.  This week we scored a doll high chair, a frame with a mat, and a working gas grill.  It's so fun.
We had a small incident with Georgia on Monday.  She was in her room for "rest" time and I hear her screaming at the top of her lungs in her room.  Totally inconsolable.  Once I got her calmed down and reassured her we would not be going to the hospital (no blood to be found) she told me she had accidentally hit her tooth with PawPaw's flashlight and now her tooth was loose.  When Georgia injures herself (for real hurts herself) she just looses her mind.  So now, my just turned 5 year old has a very loose bottom tooth.  I would say it's about 50% loose.  I hope it falls out before it turns black but I wish she wasn't loosing a tooth at all.  She's too little!  (She's fallen on her face twice since then and it's still hanging on.  She is a clumsy little thing.)
She is starting to get excited about the tooth fairy though.  She even wrote her a note with some help and she already has her tooth fairy pillow ready to go.
In fun news Jonathan's high school wood shop kids built us a mantle!  I'm so excited.  We don't have a fireplace but I've wanted a mantle since we've moved it.  $90 well spent!
Here it is in our house (with my side of the road frame) but it's not painted or attached to the wall (why the ottoman is in front of it) because we are not 100% sure where we want it to go.  We are doing a lot of rearranging because of the new baby so we shall see.
 The weather here is so crazy.  We're trying to make the best of it and make the best out of it when we can.
Although our house came within less than half an inch of water from flooding.  I'm so thankful for Jonathan for 1) redoing the drainage two weeks ago and 2) bailing water for about 30 minutes while it poured to keep water from getting too deep around our house.  We live on a very big hill so water normally moves from the back to the front easily but when you get that much rain that quickly and you ground is 100% saturated from the previous days it is just a bad combo.  Here you can see that the water is at the foundation line.  Any higher and water would have started to come in.  If I was standing out there the water would be about mid shin.  We were so blessed water didn't come in.  Our across the street neighbors have flooded twice in one week...never flooded before and their house was built in the 60's
This is our front yard looking over to their's.
I got Georgia a new dress from Mini Boden and shes loves it.  Dinosaurs print in a dress is perfect for her.
 Keeping her busy during the terrible weather...she likes spraying and wiping the furniture :)
I LOVE when I figure out what the weird things in our house are for.  Like this large metal hook (that the dress is hanging on).  I took me almost two years to realize it was in the laundry room to hang laundry!  Duh!
 Milam shooting his second wedding ;)
Speaking of Mr. Milam, his room is now ALL his.  It was a guest room but everything not Milam related has been moved out.  I worked on his closet some yesterday.  His closet isn't nearly as big as his sister's but it luckily has bifold doors so I can see everything at once.  I really like that.  We have a ways to go but we're getting there.
After gymnastics the kids get stickers.  Georgia picked this one out.  Really?!  Jonathan and I died.  Hysterical.

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