29 Weeks - Milam

June 7, 2016

29 weeks!  Only 11 or so to go!

A few things have popped back up this week that had been gone for awhile.  One being my reflux.  I had been off of my Nexium for awhile and then had to get back on it this week.  The other one is my skin.  My first trimester my face was looking pretty hormonal.  Second trimester it was back to normal.  Now, the hormones seem to have returned.

We are still taking nightly walks now that the rains seem to have gone and I'm trying to stay hydrated and eat well.  I had an appointment last week and am up 12 pounds total.

Milam moves all the time and can get pretty uncomfortable a lot of the time.  Still no stretch marks and my belly button is still a full on innie.

1 comment:

GHB said...

Pregnancy looks oh so good on you!

<>< He remains faithful. <><


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