32 Weeks - Milam

June 28, 2016

This week has been good.  Nothing eventful or notable.  I have an appointment on Friday.  My last appointment was at 30.5 weeks and my bump was measuring 29 and I think I was up around 14 pounds total.  I feel huge but my doctor repeatedly told me I was not.  Haha.

I've made good progress on my pregnancy book on Shutterfly (I made one for Georgia).  Trying to keep all my ducks in a row while I still can.  People always joke that the second and third and fourth kid doesn't get as much "memory keeping" or attention to their rooms.  That is not the case for Milam.  I'm so OCD that I can't drop the ball even if I wanted to.  My mom is painting his dresser and I feel like once that is finished his room will come together faster.

We're still going on walks at night, I'm still doing photo shoots, belly button is in, no stretch marks.  He is still moving all around.  Nothing is slowing him down yet.  I get braxton hicks every day and I still get lower ab/round ligament pains.  Some can hurt pretty badly.

I can't wait to find out his position and estimated weight.  My doctor said she would do another scan at around 36 weeks to get some ideas on that.  Four more weeks to find out.  Yay.

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Lyndsey said...

I started my pregnancy book for Elias last week too! Great minds think alike! And thank goodness for Shutterfly making it so easy -- I've done nearly identical books three times in a row now. And your doctor is right -- you are NOT huge, haha, but I know you feel it anyways!


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