Friday Highlights - Late to the Game

July 1, 2016

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It's past 6 on a Friday and I'm just now posting...because I can.

Georgia started to feel bad on Monday.  Low grade fever but happy and totally normal when given Tylenol.  My mom and good friend both had a short little virus recently so I assumed that was what she had.  Her fever went away but by Tuesday afternoon it was back and higher.  Her head and tummy didn't hurt anymore but she was saying that her throat was.  I looked in her throat and her tonsils were red, swollen, and had white spots.  So, off to the doctor we went.  Even with a 102 fever she was acting totally normal.  She was her spunky little self at the doctor and answered all of his questions before we even had a chance too. ("No, I'm not allergic to any medicines but just a few soaps."  She cracks me up.)  She was diagnosed with strep, sent home with antibiotics and hasn't had any fever reducer since.  I did check her throat again today and it has one or two white spots and they are still fairly swollen.  Her little hangy ball thing was touching one of them.  I hope they go down because they are large to begin with.  She's been taking 2-3 hour naps each day and sleeping 13 hours or so at night and has no appetite.  I'm about to get her protein shakes because from her birthday until now she's grown 2 inches (whaaaaaaaat?!) and lost a pound (obviously, not significant) but I don't want her to get any thinner than she already is.  I can see every single bone in her back including all her ribs.  She's a skinny little thing.  Here she is resting with baby brother and with Jonathan and I all snuggled on the couch.  She is a very low maintenance little patient.
Since we've been spending a lot of time at home (J's off of work and G's been sick).  Georgia's room is so SO very close to being finished.  She needs baseboards in her closet, crown molding in her room, and a cornice board over her curtain rod.
Milam's room is also on the road to being done.  Dresser is almost finished.  Lamps are done.  I need to hang the three large art pieces I have, and get a new light fixture.  Once he has a sheet though his room will officially be livable if need be ;)  Doesn't this one small corner look nice?!
Here's the other reason we've been home a lot.  Oh, allll the rain.  It seems to be gone now and so far I just have heat index alerts rather than storm alerts.  In this picture my windshield is NOT fogged up that's just how poor the visibility is.
Then, there's this.  I can now officially say, "I'm due NEXT month."  Woo hoo!
Happy July 1st!  Hope everyone has a fun filled weekend planned!

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