A Good Weekend

June 6, 2016

We had such a good weekend.  Besides it being yet ANOTHER rainy one (this Houston area weather is out of control!) we made good use of it.  We had a lot of projects to work on, as always, so we just stayed home as much as possible and it felt so good to just be with my people.

I posted a bit HERE about the mantle Jonathan's school built for us.  Well, here it is DONE!  This is just a quick, unedited, iphone pic.  This was a super cheap, but large impact, project.  We paid the high school wood shop $90 in materials, Jonathan painted it with paint and primer we already had, I found the gold frame on the side of the road and cleaned it with a damp towel, and put a $3.65 architectural print from Office Depot inside.  Jonathan then used plywood and stain we already had and cut slices of wood we already had from our yard to fill in the insert.  All in the project cost us a little less that $94 which is far less than any stand alone mantle I've seen.  We got the original idea from Magnolia Market in Waco.  They have a similar mantle display near the front door and Jonathan and I instantly liked (and agreed on) it!  I still need to "style" it.  I just tossed some stuff up there to show scale.  (It's fairly small but works very well in the space)  We started a few other projects as well that are not quite finished so I should have more details on those later in the week.
Georgia is really into drawing.  She draws all the time and her recall amazes me.  She draws scenes from movies and kinds of things.  She doesn't so much enjoy "coloring" but really prefers to create her own art.  Here are two funny ones.  Deer and baby deer followed by a monkey :)
 We celebrated National Donut day.  My mom came and picked up Georgia for a little breakfast date and they came home with all kinds of goodies.
 Seriously y'all...with the rain.  It's crazy.  Not only did our house nearly flood but all my photo shoots are getting moved and then moved again.  We went on a walk the other day and were about two blocks from home and got caught in a total down pour.  These two just decided to go with it when we actually made it home.
 Jonathan took Georgia to Home Depot for their little Saturday morning workshop and she had a blast.  Isn't she just the cutest? 
 We went to my brother's house to grab a few things and ended up rescuing some aquatic life from their pool...or Jonathan did!  He took one for the team and swam to get one large turtle and small frog...in his clothes :)
Jonathan and I have been cracking up watching Milam move at night.  Here is a short little video when I was able to actually catch him "trying to escape"

We filled up the rest of our time with laundry, paying bills, and cleaning the house but it was so nice to feel "caught up" on Sunday.  Happy Monday everyone :)

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Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

Weekends like that are the best sometimes! Love the mantle!


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