33 Weeks - Milam

July 5, 2016

I had an appointment at 32.5 weeks.  The doctor said my bump was measuring perfect, I was up about one pound, and Milam's heart rate was in the mid 140s.  She asked me how big Georgia was and said brother shouldn't be too much bigger than her.  So, somewhere in the mid 7's.  I scheduled my next two week appointment and also scheduled my final ultrasound to get an estimate on his size and to see his position.  She promised me he would not be a nine pounder.  haha.

The little guy goes full on crazy EVERY night.  Like, he's having a legit dance party.  He leaves Jonathan and I in awe of what he's able to make my stomach do.  It's the strangest thing.  He also gets the hiccups at least once a day.  Typically he gets them mid day and then some time at night.  Georgia maybe had them once my entire pregnancy...

Not sure how long my belly button can stay an innie.  No stretch marks but I am getting some swelling.  My calves, ankles, and feet as well as my hands.  It's not bad in early part of the day but the heat is brutal and by the end of the day I'm feeling it.  Georgia was born in May so I wasn't this pregnant in the worst heat of the summer like I am now.  The heat makes me very dizzy and can make me upset to my stomach.  Nothing too bad but I am trying to drink a lot of water to help anyway that I can.

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