35 Weeks - Milam

July 19, 2016

35 down and 5 more to go!

A bit of swelling this week.  The more we eat out the more I swell.  I told Jonathan that for the next 5 weeks we are only eating at home.  I can't handle the chubby feet.

Belly button is in, no stretch marks, crampy achy legs, lower ab muscle pain, lots of movement, and a handful of braxton hicks during the day.  I'm not totally sure on my weight anymore.  I think I started from the wrong beginning weight so I think I've gained more than I originally thought.  I'm not even really keeping track anymore.  I know a lot of my weight gain will be water weight.  This August baby thing is tough!

I am exhausted and have insomnia all at the same time.  Not eating very much and not very hungry.  Probably because I'm drinking so much water and it is so dang hot outside.

I had my baby shower on sunday, my doctor appointment on Monday, and today is maternity pictures and our 8 year anniversary (hence why I snuck J in on my weekly pic).  It's quite the week.

My baby shower was wonderful and I have everything I need now to bring home baby!  My doctor appointment was uneventful.  She's estimating he is currently about 5.5 pounds and on track to be about the same size as Georgia (7lbs 6oz).  I feel massive when I look at my weekly picture.  That's why I don't usually take these things after dinner.  Oh well.  Here's to another week down!

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E @ Oh! Apostrophe said...

35 weeks pregnant tmrw and today's also my 8 year anniversary! Cheers to lots to celebrate! :)


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