Fun Friday

July 22, 2016

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Fridays are even better around here because Jonathan has off all Fridays during the summer.  YAY.  But, as soon as we got back from vacation two weeks ago we've been running non stop.

On Friday my college besties came into town for my upcoming shower.  Jonathan and I made a last minute trip to Ikea to get them a bed and Jonathan and Georgia put it together.  Once they got here we did a lot of eating and shopping per the usual.  It showed at my 35 week appointment.  We also did a lot of sleeping in...or trying to keep Georgia quiet until all the adults were ready to get up.  We also celebrated national ice cream day...because...duh.
My shower was on Sunday and it was really nice.  I didn't really want a shower and told people no several times but they finally got me to agree.  I got so many wonderful things.  I am so grateful.  And, I had never paid much attention to Milam's initials, "JMP" because I usually look at monograms, "jPm".  Didn't realize it almost spells, "jump".  Kind of funny.
Monday I had a doctor's appointment.  I was luckily able to go alone.  I dropped G off at my mom's and had a nice quiet visit.

On Tuesday Georgia had swim and gymnastics, it was me and Jonathan's 8 year anniversary, I turned 35 weeks, and we took our maternity pictures.  I didn't take any pictures at dinner but it was yummy and it was nice to be able to talk.

We hadn't had someone take our pictures in over two years so this was a real treat :)
On Wednesday Georgia and I knocked out most of our back to school shopping.  Supplies and clothes.  She needed a lot of basics to help her wardrobe transition into the school year.  She even picked out an outfit all by herself and was so proud.  Totally not my style but I had to get her into the school supply mood.  We got snacks, then shopped, and ended our outing with CFA.
Jonathan and I were also able to get away for a little date night to celebrate.  Actually, my mom gave us a gift card and said she would babysit so off we went while my mom took Georgia to tumbling and then home for bath and dinner.  Honestly, I've been having a hard time lately dealing with the fact that so much of our time (energy, brain power, money, prayers) the past few years has been spent on selling or buying a home, infertility, and now thankfully another sweet baby.  I'm ready to take a breather and be able to enjoy my husband for a change.

I spent the majority of my Thursday paying bills, balancing the checkbook, trying to revive my slowly dying computer, calling bill providers to ask them why their auto draft system wasn't working...annoying.  I finished so many edits at lightning speed because I had no idea when my computer would die (it didn't...but it does need a new battery and then all should be well).  While I was doing all of that I set up centers around the house for Georgia to keep her occupied.  She stayed busy for well over an hour so that was really great.
We don't have a lot planned for today.  Jonathan is getting my prop ready for a shoot this weekend and I'll probably be catching up on laundry.  FUN.

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