36 Weeks - Milam

July 26, 2016

Georgia took this gem of a picture for me quickly this morning.  It looks oddly distorted but what can you do.
Things are going well here.  I have my final ultrasound on Thursday to get a better estimate on size and position.  At 34 weeks my doctor said he felt about 5.5 pounds so we shall see.  I'm excited to get a final peek in on him before his big day.

Weight I have no clue on anymore.  I haven't been the best at keeping up with it.  This heat is causing me to swell more than I did with Georgia but my blood pressure is fine so no worries there so far.  I'm trying my best to stay away from salt, dairy, and sugar when I can stand it.  My appetite is kind of down but I'm drinking water all the time to help with the water retention.  Being slightly anemic and having to take iron is not helping with this heat.  I'm hot nearly all the time.  My belly button is kind of out and kind of in.  It is being stretched at an angle so I'm not sure what it is going to end up doing.  Still no stretch marks.  I've been using the honest company cream this time around about 2 or 3 times a week.  With Georgia I used coco butter lotion every day.  Not sure if either method works or if it is all in your genes but better safe than sorry.

Sleep is sporadic.  Some nights I sleep really well and others I don't.  Sometimes I wake up because I need to use the restroom but sometimes I just wake up and go to the restroom anyways since I'm already up.  Rolling over is a bit challenging as is sitting up from the laying down position.  I think week 36 will mark when this pregnancy started to get a bit more difficult.  Aside from the reflux and "morning" sickness in the beginning...which now seems to be a far off memory. (I had a good nausea med though that takes awhile to get into the system so if we decide to do this again I will know right off the bat.)

His nursery is about 80-90% complete.  I'm slowly getting hospital bags packed (all while trying to get my five year old ready for kinder).  Been doing lots of online shopping to get everything accomplished while beating this insane Texas heat.  I can't belive I only have 4 weeks left...I mean I could have more or less for that matter...but anyway you look at it I don't have a lot!

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