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July 25, 2016

This weekend was a HOT and BUSY one but good.

Jonathan had off of work so he worked on the giant flag I wanted him to build for my mini sessions on Saturday and Sunday.  He worked so hard and I was so pleased with how it turned out.  He used six pallets so it is gigantic! (I spy Georgia in the background climbing into her tree house)
We have this random slab in the back yard so I turned it into a photo area for the weekend.  It worked really well.  Jonathan claims this flag weighs at least 250 pounds and says he will not be moving it any time soon.
While Jonathan was doing all of this Georgia and I set up a lemonade stand in my mom's front yard with her little neighbor friend.  They had such a great time and each earned $5.  We luckily had a lot of customers!  Great neighbors, construction guys from my mom's kitchen reno, and several homes having their yards done.  We lucked out.  We were both so exhausted so I grabbed Chinese takeout for dinner.  Yum.
I had four flag sessions on saturday and was so pleased with how they turned out.  Now, to edit the rest.  We ended the day with dinner at my mom and step dad's with my sister in law and niece as well.
Just a a picture of my crazy self still doing photoshoots while I'm 36 weeks pregnant.  Not sure what I was thinking when I planned these.  It was hot y'all!
On Sunday we went to church, grabbed a quick lunch, did one flag session, went back to church to be interviewed for a video series at church, and came home and did another flag session.  We were all over the place on sunday.  Jonathan grilled during all of this and Georgia found some time to run through the sprinklers.  We also stopped by a book store having a going out of business sale.  It was a bust for us but Georgia had a great time...reading Star Wars books.  Oh goodness...
I've also been trying to get all of Georgia's things ready for school while also getting Milam's nursery ready and his hospital bag and mine.  It's a tall order but we're making progress.  My due date is August 23rd and Georgia starts kinder on August 22nd.  So, I know I want to have all her school clothes laid out so that if my mom is getting her dressed for the first week or whenever they are all ready to go.  We used six baskets (one for each day of the week and one for her hospital outfit) and attached them to the wall so I can easily divide things out. (Once Milam is born and I'm not planning her clothes out by the week I plan to use the baskets for her random odds and ends in her closet and attaching little labels on the front.)  Organization makes me so happy.  Jonathan clipped the bows on there randomly because he said it made them look better.  I took the bows off needless to say and will most likely clip the bow of the day on the basket so my mom doesn't have to think about it.  Yay for closet, school, and baby progress all in one!
Happy Monday everyone :)


Chelsea said...

I love that flag :) It is amazing, great job
Chelsea @

Megan C said...

Love how organized her closet is, makes me happy! And makes me want to reorganize my entire house. Not that I need to haha!


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