Georgia's Peach Room

July 28, 2016

This is Georgia's "room" before we moved in.  It was a formal living room connected to a formal dining room.  Isn't it pretty.  Look at that dark trim and brick planter.
Jonathan, my step dad, and our wonderful neighbor framed this room in and added a closet.  Now, it's Georgia's bedroom and it is immediately to the left when you walk in the front door which, no doesn't bother us.

Here is her room as of today.  It's lacking a few things.  1) new carpet 2) a cornice above her curtains and 3) crown molding for now we're pretty much close to done.

This is what you see when you  walk past her door.  The color is Whispering Peach by Benjamin Moore.  Her room is a mix of mainly old antique pieces.  My mom actually cried when she saw it since the three main pieces where from my first "big girl" room.  Thanks for having good taste mom.

It's a very good size room.  She has a full size bed, dresser, night stand, small table and chairs, and a vanity all in one room.  It's a long and narrow room but it works.

Nearly After
Night stand, bed, and dresser were mine as a child.  The lamps were in my grandmother's house.  The gold antler's were Jonathan's grandfathers...but not gold :)  The table and chairs are from my sister in law.  We sanded them down and just left them as is.  Her bed spread was from my grandmother.  It's 65+ years old.
The curtains are from Ikea, tassles are from Target, my mom redid the vanity she got from her cousin (I think).
Her light fixture is from HEB.  We had another one but it fell down and I snagged this one on impulse while shopping one day.  She loves it, of course.
All the surfaces have things she likes and has collected.  Her favorite pictures, owls, birds, unicorns...
This is her bedtime routine side so her books are over here along with her ever growing Bible collection.
A few more of her favorites on her night stand.  Cinderella slipper, piggy bank, jewelry box, and frame with her little ID bracelets on them.
Here is her peach wall.  Peach art and Georgia things.  The butterflies were in my grandmother's house.
More peach items and her first outfit she wore in the hospital.
Her little area to hang things and check herself before she leaves for the day ;)
A view from the other side of the room.  That's her closet door.
Here are some close ups of her bed.  The frame is from Canton, the flowers behind it are a gift bag, her pillows are a mix of TJ Maxx and Ross.  The iron on decals were from Etsy.  Jonathan's mom made the quilt.
Here is her closet.  It still needs carpet and all trim.  Also, where her white rubber bin is, I want to put an actual dresser in there but finding that specific size is a bit tough.  Her closet is "oops paint".  Some shade of pink from Home Depot.  I made the light fixture.  I was wanting her closet to look like a mini boutique.
The baskets are holding all her different sandals...she has way too many shoes.
Her bows are in basket and in color order so I can easily find the one I'm wanting.
She has hooks that hold her backpacks and a few of her little clips.
The colors are semi off because of the very poor lighting in there.  I keep her room totally blacked out from all sunlight.  If you want more specifics on something just message me.


Lyndsey said...

That is so sweet that your mom cried! And G's closet is SO organized! I can't keep Liesl's organized to save my life!

Beth Ann said...

I looove it! We tried to do our baby girl's nursery peach but the walls aren't as peach as I would like. This color looks perfect!


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