37 Weeks - Milam - FULL TERM

August 2, 2016

I am officially full term as of today.  That's exciting but I'm very much hoping he will hold off awhile longer.
I had an appointment yesterday to check on me and Milam.  Milam was great as usual.  She always says, "he's happy!"  Whatever that means.  I was 1/2 centimeter dilated and 70 % effaced.  Around this time with Georgia I was 0 and 0 so a little different this time.  

I had an ultrasound at 36 weeks to get his estimated weight and position.  He's head down which is what I was mainly interested in hearing.  His head is in the 90% for 38 weeks (at 36), his leg length is in the 80% for 36 weeks, and the tech was initially saying he should be 8 1/2 - 9 pounds by 40 weeks.  He would not stay still, his hands were covering his face, he has hair, and "fat hands".  Jonathan randomly ran into my doctor at the grocery store and she told him she had already reviewed the images and that he looked great, she wasn't worried about him being too big, and that the tech's estimates may be a bit off.  So, when I saw her on Monday she said she thinks his guess is probably 1/2 pound off or so.  7 1/2 to 8 pounds is her estimate.  She said overall he is about the 65%.  I guess we will see.  I'm excited to find out!  Look at his cute little face!  His hand is on the left side of his face. (I took these with my phone in the car, at a red light, so the quality is not the best).  In the right picture he's totally covering his left eye.
I've been feeling pretty good this week.  The heat is making me a bit nauseous 
 again if I get over heated.  It's hard and sometimes impossible to get a full deep breath.  We've started going on walks again at night.  I'm eating way too much ice cream but am beyond the point of caring too much.  

The belly button is still pretty much in.  No stretch marks or real contractions.  His nursery is almost done.  I ordered his rug and diaper bag yesterday.  It's all starting to finally come together.


Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

This seriously flew by!! I feel like you should be 25 weeks or something. Can't wait to see him!!

Emily Powell said...

It feels like I've been pregnant forever but at the same time 3 more weeks seems so soon! I'm sure you know the feeling ;)


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