Meet the Powells

August 4, 2016

I've gained quite a few followers on my instagram account since announcing I was pregnant which is so funny to me but I love clicking around and finding more out about new followers and making new "friends" along the way.  So, I figured it would be nice to let them know a little more about me as well.  Here is a quick introduction into the Powell Family.
30 years old.  Met my husband when I was 12.  Started dating when I was 14.  Got married when I was 22. (engagement story - wedding post)  I taught art for 5 years.  Two in public and three in private.  Now I stay home and run a small photography business on the side.  Had Georgia at 25 and now Milam will be born at 30.  I love to clean and organize.  I'm obsessive about deleting emails and text messages.  I clean the pictures off of my phone once a week and put them on TWO external hard drives.  I turn lights off in the rooms that are "closed" for the night once dinner is over.  So, breakfast room is now clean and off limits...lights turned off.  Kitchen is clean so don't enter...lights off.  I had a hard time becoming a parent.  Took me way off guard.  I'm a pro now ;)  I never wanted our kids any less than 3 years apart.  Preferably 4.  I didn't want two kids in diapers, cribs, new cars, high school, or college at the same time.  I'm a huge planner and think about those things.  Also, I have two brothers.  One is nine years older than me and one is 18 months older than me.  I've always been close to both but I never fought with my oldest because...why would we.  My middle brother and I...oh goodness...I wanted to kill him on a daily I always laugh when people are like, "they'll always have a playmate".  As adults all three of us are close and I never felt disconnected from my oldest brother.  I'm glad to have experienced both but yeah, I've always wanted mine farther apart.  Which, must have been an idea planted in my head by God himself since we did end up struggling with infertility (more on that HERE) for over two years so naturally our kids ended up being farther apart.  We always have a stock of chocolate chips because I love to end my meals with a sweet little snack.  I'm not a huge fruit eater but I'm pretty good about my veggies...I'll eat most of those.  I don't like left over meat unless it's ground.

Jonathan is also 30.  We are only two months apart.  He taught english and coached football and soccer for four years.  Then he was assistant principal for four years and now he's associate principal.  He's a deacon at our church, teaches the 5th and 6th grade boy sunday school class, and is on the children's church rotation. He is literally the nicest and kindest person I have ever met.  He loves our little family so well.  I could never say enough good things about him.  He cooks all our meals and completes honey do lists without much complaint.  We met the summer before 7th grade but were not really friends.  He'll tell you that he really "fell" for me the day of freshman orientation at our high school.  We got put in the same tour group and were best friends ever since.  He said he walked in and just saw me differently.  (Must have been the sweet Doc Martin sandals I was wearing).  He loves peanut butter, honey, graham crackers, fruit, nuts...he doesn't have a super big sweet tooth like I do.  He likes to build things, is obsessed with cars, likes to go fishing in his kayak, loves guns of all kinds, collects pocket knives and flashlights, reads constantly, loves most animals...not hyenas.  He loves coffee of all kinds.  As much as he loves cooking he loves to go out to eat.  He's a good shopper.  He's great at finding things in my size or house stuff in the color I'm wanting.  He says he does this because it gets him out of the store faster.  We like doing the same things when we travel...visit museums, go in shops, eat local...we like to stay away from the sun.  We both burn so easily.  He has one sister who is six years older than him and they've always been close and gotten along so well.  He's the reason we are the proud owners of 6 chickens.  He wanted them so badly and I finally caved.  Luckily, we live on an acre so we have the space to accommodate them.

She has been fiery since since she was a few days old.  She had colic for 7 weeks.  Was quite the chunk and now is our little skinny mini but tall with long legs.  She has a funny and spunky personality.  She's just now learning to be determined and work for something.  She doesn't have much of a clue that she isn't actually an adult.  She loves to get dressed several different times throughout the day.  She loves almost anything girly but also loves playing in the dirt and finding bugs.  She knows so much about science and all kinds of things that don't interest me at all.  She's such a fun combination of both Jonathan and I.  She has more of my personality but way more of Jonathan's interests.  She's smart and listens to everything we say whether we want her to or not...usually not.  She starts kindergarten this year and becomes a big sister as well...pretty much all at the same time.  She takes gymnastics twice a week and hopefully, once we have a better routine, in October we are wanting to start piano.  She absolutely loves animals and almost all her answers to, "what do you want to be when you grow up" have something to do with animals.  She makes friends very easily and rarely has a shy streak although it has been known to happen.

Our prayed for second child (who's name is pronounced My-lum).  Took me 2.5 years to get pregnant with him and I had two miscarriages between him and Georgia.  With Georgia I got pregnant in about 2-3 months, my second pregnancy took about 10 months (lost at 6.5 weeks), my third pregnancy took about 8 months (I think...and we lost it at around 10 weeks), and then Milam, our little miracle, took 3-4 months.  Its hard for me to keep track after all this time.  We could not be more thrilled to meet him in just a few short weeks.  So technically, I always got pregnant before the one year "infertility" marker but it was tough losing two.  Really tough.  So, we are very much appreciative of our sweet rainbow baby on the way.

Want to know more?  Leave a comment and I can try to get it answered :)


Heather Lockhart said...

I've been following along for a little while but always fun to get reintroduced. I love these types of posts! :)

Emily Powell said...

Thanks for being a loyal follower ;) So fun!

GHB said...

One of the sweetest families on the planet! Your husband is a true gem. You hit the jackpot, just like I did. Thankful! Grateful! Blessed!

Emily Powell said...

Thanks :)


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