Friday Favorites

August 5, 2016

Here is what has been going on at the Powell house.  Linking up HERE.

Most of these pictures are also posted on my instagram account.  Find me HERE.  Or, look up MrsEmilyPowell

1. Our Master
I bought us some new bedding recently.  I like the simplicity of it.  It's from Ikea.  Our night stands don't match.  We need cornices for the curtains.  The ceiling fan needs to be changed.  Also, we need a new bed altogether.  But, it's a calming space and that's what I need right now with a new baby coming...although he won't be sleeping in our room.  His room is too close that it just doesn't make sense.
Also, Jonathan installed a new hidden TV.  Most of the time it's behind our curtains but we can swivel it out when we want to watch in bed.  I don't care for TVs in bedrooms or large TVs in general but this was a good compromise.  We typically watch on our laptops but this should be easier in the long run.
2. Georgia
Georgia has been a hoot as always.  She got these glasses as a party favor and just loves them.  This was before church.  I had to convince her that they were not appropriate for church.
She takes books in the bathroom with her on occasion and I think it is hysterical.
The other day she was being very unpleasant.  She wouldn't even talk to my grandmother, who she loves, and was acting so ugly.  She insisted that she was NOT sleepy.  Two hours later she was refusing to get up off the floor and saying, "NO! I'm still sleepy!"  Of course, sleeping on the floor has to be so comfortable.
I was so proud of her for making her own bed the other day.  She has moments where her manners are so spot on and I feel so accomplished...then others where she throws stuffed animals at your grandma.
And, we got a slightly cooler morning that we enjoyed for a bit before it got too, too hot!
3. Georgia fashion
We luckily got a few days of rain the other day and Georgia wanted to go out and play.  Her outfit of choice...whatevs...didn't fight her...especially on her Ugg snow boots that are also apparently rain boots.
Her first day of school outfit came in the mail recently.  Not pairing it with this shirt and not fixing her hair this way but you get the general idea.  It's from Eleanor Rose.
I also got her some jeans for when it gets cooler.  They are flare jeans and I'm literally obsessed with them.  She's indifferent but always down for a good pose.
4. Swim lessons are over
And, I'm so proud of my little fish.  Her last day of swim was this week and she did so, so well.  It is such a relief to have a swimmer during the summer and not have to worry about floaties and all of that.
5. The Olympics!
We are watching the opening ceremonies at my mom's tonight and eating some Brazilian food.  Fun.  And, having a giant American flag in your back yard comes in handy.


GHB said...

Text me about the swim lessons you did. My oldest is a fish, but my younger one is still petrified. She's had three summers of lessons to no avail. Arg!

Can't wait for little Milam to arrive!!! ­čĺÖ

"The Mrs." said...

How fun is that flag!?!?! ;)

Emily Powell said...

We are excited too!

Emily Powell said...

Comes in handy from time to time!


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