Friday Favorites

August 12, 2016

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1.  Sweet Friends
Georgia had a little friend over on Monday.  It was really nice because they were able to play on their own and I was able to catch up on a lot of little things around the house.  I did go to the CFA drive through and get them kid's meals.  We brought it home and had a classy little tea party.  They loved it.  Cheers to Sprite :)
2.  Baby Milam things
The mail lady showed me all of the stamps and I picked the ice cream ones.  I had to laugh when I got home...pregnant lady and ice cream.  Just goes together.  I still have a handful of thank yous to go but I'm getting through them!
 Laying on my side is pretty much the only way I'm comfortable.  Not sitting, not leaning back, not standing up, not on my back, just on my side.  He still feels so high to me so this seems like the only way I can get him off of my lungs.
 I came home the other day to a surprise present from our favorite neighbors.  They got us a funny mustache paci too but G had it in her mouth when I took this picture :/
3.  Monogrammed things
I ordered these decals for our Yeti/Rtic cups the other day and I think they're so cute.  Georgia just LOVES her peach decal and so do I.  We have two other cups that are just J's and he requested NO decals on his.  I got close though since we share the Yeti so I put our monogram on it.
4.  NOT being sick!
Georgia had a quick little bug or spat with her allergies.  She had a small fever for all of 8 hours or so and then was fine.  Jonathan though surprisingly did worse than G and I didn't get sick at all which is all so backwards for our house.  So, G and I have been laying low and staying out of the sun and staying inside as much as possible to give our bodies a break from this terrible heat.  Breakfast in bed was in order for us on Wednesday morning.  Since J put a TV in our room we've become such bums...which is what I feared.
5. Me time
I've had a lot of me time recently.  Georgia has spent two nights at my mom's house and is on her second night at Jonathan's mom's.  We actually really miss her but she's enjoying all her one on one time with her grandparents and soaking up her last days of summer before Kinder and baby brother come.  I went in for my 38 week check (2cm and 80%) and then wandered around and shopped and tried to not have an emotional breakdown at the thought of my baby of 5 years not being my only baby anymore and going to kinder all at once.  Every chance I get I just pull her up on my lap and smell her hair and soak in all the snuggles I can.
 6. Target life goals
I keep making trips to Target to stock up on random things for my hospital bag and such.  I went in yesterday and saw these two cuties.  Seriously, all through the store just helping each other.  Adorable.
Happy Friday Everyone!

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