Milam's Ultrasounds

August 10, 2016

All of these are really bad camera phone shots of his ultrasound pictures.  I need to scan them in but my scanner takes up so much room so I rarely hook it up.  But, I wanted all this info in one post so here it is.

My first appointment was when I was 8 weeks along.  At this point Milam was measuring a week ahead so they bumped me up to 9 weeks.  I love the first little gummy bear image.  The heart rate was 171.
My next appointment was the following week and it was just for an ultrasound since I've had two previous miscarriages.  Little nugget was already a wiggle worm, at 10 weeks, which was so funny to see.  Heart rate was 170.  In this picture it is not as detailed since it was an external scan.  His hand is near his mouth.  Head is on the right.
We did a gender scan at 15 weeks.  I saw that he was a boy instantly and said, "it's a boy" very matter of fact.  The tech responded with, "yep, it's a boy".  At this appointment I couldn't have actually cared less because I just wanted to hear the heart beat.  So, we saw the boy parts and then I was just thinking heart beat...come on tech, let's hear it.  He finally let us hear it and I was so relieved.  The boy part took a while to set in.  Jonathan couldn't go with me so I took two friends along, combined we have 6 girls, so when the tech confirmed boy they both started screaming.  My doctor actually came in from her lunch break to see what was going on and my friends were cracking her up.  Milam would not stay still.  They could only get his heart rate for about 10 seconds or so.  His hands were all over his face.  He's been a mover ever since he could move!  We were able to see him in 3D but the tech couldn't get a picture without his hand covering his face.
The anatomy ultrasound was at 19 weeks.  This time is heart rate was 153 and he was weighing it at 11 ounces.  One ounce more than Georgia was at 20 weeks.  He did pretty well at the beginning letting the tech get his measurements.  At the end he was a little stinker and the last few took awhile to capture.  But he checked out A-ok and we got another, "he looks perfect!" which is always a relief to hear.
My 5th and final scan was at 36 weeks.  This was to get his general size and position in anticipation for delivery.  My previous doctor who delivered Georgia didn't do this many scans so we had fun with it.  When we moved I was nervous about finding a new doctor but I could not be more pleased with her.  She's great.  His head was in the 90% for 38 weeks (at 36 weeks), his legs were in the 80%, and they are guessing he will be 8.5-9 pounds by 40 weeks.  Love his little pouty lips and that his nose is the same is Georgia's.  He reminds me a lot of my nephew.  His hand is on the left of his face.  The tech said he had fat hands and hair.  We could see him moving his mouth and sucking and also practicing swallowing.  It was so cool. When Jonathan ran into my doctor at the grocery store she said she thinks the tech was a little off and that he should be closer 7 1/2 - 8 pounds and that over all she thinks he's in the 65%.  Again, isn't my doctor great...talking to my husband and child at the grocery store and actually remembering my files.  That's fun.

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