Monday and Countdowns

August 15, 2016

It's Monday.  Again.  Next Monday Georgia will be an official kindergartner and my due date will be the next day.  Everything seems to be happening so fast.  Milam's nursery is lacking cornices for the curtains and a different light fixture/fan.  I'm ok with those not being finished until after he's here since those can take some time.

Initially I was super excited about being on self imposed maternity leave but now I just kind of feel like I'm forgetting something.  I will obviously be busy in the coming weeks but I think I will be really excited to get back into after it being on a break for a few months.  You can see my updated photo blog here.

Car meals
Georgia spent three nights away this week so I was able to run a lot of errands and get a lot of things done.  I'm just glad to have her back home though.  Jonathan and I missed her.  I had to grab Arby's the other day while I was out and I ate in the car.  It was actually nice being able to eat without having to open things for another little person...or share my fries.  (This is a picture of my lap.  Sandwich is in my lap.  Napkin is on my stomach.  haha)
Mail orders
I've been doing so much online shopping...because it's hot and I don't want to get out during the day.  I know my mail man must hate me.  I was listening in on Georgia play in her play room (she's amazing at imaginative play by herself) and she was talking about how the mailman was delivering all of her packages and she was so excited.  So funny to her acting out a little adult life.
Rain days
It's been so dry the past month which is so odd because we had horrible flooding in March and May and now my yard is starting to feel like straw.  Georgia has been dying to try out her new rain coat and Sunday was the day.  She was pumped!  She even insisted on wearing it to church.
Last days
Georgia had her last day on Sunday on the preschool hall.  Next Sunday she will be on the second floor with the bigger kids.  Also, our preschool director is moving and we're all very heart broken about it.  I'm sad she's leaving because she's a close personal friend but I'm also sad that Milam will miss out on her greatness :(  Although in general I do I have to say I am happy for her family.
I entered a contest at our favorite donut place and won.  Need I say more?!  I think not!

Here's to another Monday.

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